Hey there Balto fans,

Itís Silver Huskey here. Iíve made the decision to take down The Ice Cave. A friend was kind enough to notify me that malicious code had been injected into the main page and was redirecting visitors to a malware infested website. I went through the site and purged it of areas infested with the malicious code. Unfortunately, I do not know fully how this SQL injection happened or when, so I will not be restoring the site from a backup, despite the fact that I do have backups. Without proper security, the hack will be repeated. In light of that, I will redesign The Ice Cave in WordPress, a CMS which is different from the static HTML I used. It will take some time to transfer the site from backups to a functioning WordPress site. I also need to scale up my image assets to take advantage of HD screens and redesign the graphics.

Work will start in early 2018 (January or February). That is when I can take a few paid days off from my full-time job and give the site the work it really needs. In the meantime if there were any resources on the site that interested you, feel free to contact me via Twitter. Also hit me up, if youíd like to suggest some changes for the site.

Note: If you are a visitor to Damage Control, that site was not affected, as it already runs a secured version of WordPress.