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*Sniff* I feel so honored to be given these awards!

A Golden Web Award! Yay!

This award was originally given to my site
When it was still Silver Huskey's Balto Page

Thank you Black Wolf for this beautiful award!

Thank you Kamotz for this awesome award!

Thanks so much CT Wolf for this awesome award!

Thank you for the award WhiteWolf55, it's really an honor!

Thanks alot for the award Mystic Wolf! 'Tis great!

Thank you very much for the award, Acanis! It's a true honor!

Tis an honor to recieve such a lovely award, thanks Grey Kitty!

Thanks a lot for this awesome award, Whisper! It's muchly appreciated! :)

Thanks a lot for the wondeful award, Black Balto. ^_^

Thank you for the great award, Nava Wolf. It's an honor to be the first to recieve it.

A Big Wig award, awesome! ^_^

Thanks to Star Wolf for the lovely award.

Thanks again to Star Wolf for another lovely award.

Thanks to Flame Wolf for the awesome award. ^_^

He just wanted to be a hero so much in your eyes...-Steele