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Hi and welcome to my Exclusive media page. Here is where you'll find movie clips, and such. These clips were generously created by Balto Wolf, and John Pullinger for this site. So I would appeciate it if you didn't take these clips to use on your own site. Enjoy! If you are having problems viewing the AVI clips, a DIVX compressor can be downloaded here.

Clips Created by Balto Wolf:

Name Length size Format Preview
Howl.mpg 1min 58sec 6MB MPEG
Keys.mpg 1min 36sec 4.85 MB MPEG

Clips created by John Pullinger:

Name Length size Format Preview
Star ET.avi 8sec 780KB AVI
Cheer Up.avi 58sec 1.65MB AVI
Race.avi 1min, 15sec 3.45MB AVI
TheIceCave.avi 1min, 12sec 4.82MB AVI
Bearfight.avi 2min, 15sec 4.71MB AVI
Alley.avi 1min, 39sec 4.75MB AVI

Clips Created by Silver Huskey (Me):

Name Length size Format Preview
medicine.avi 5mins 36sec 17MB Avi

"It's time for goose to kick a little bear butt!"-Boris