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Welcome to the section dedicated just to the Balto Documentary. If you live in every other country except for the United States and Canada, you've probably already seen the documentary. However, if you do live in region 1, and you've brought the Balto DVD, you'll notice there isn't a documentary at all. Why is that so? Universal lists it among the features, but yet it doesn't exist. It could be for a number of reasons, but either way North America was ripped off.

It is possible to view the documentary several other ways though. One involves flashing your DVD drive to play other region DVDs. However, if you don't have a DVD drive or you don't want to take that risk, there is another way. The Brazilian DVD can always be purchased if you're willing to wait around on Ebay for one. It plays on Regions 1, 3 and 4. Yet that does nothing for you if no new DVDs appear on Ebay or you can't afford it.

However, I've decided to give people who don't have access to the first two options a shot at seeing the documentary. I have encoded a few clips from it and they are listed below. In addition to that, the whole documentary will soon be avalible for download, once I find a way to make it avalible to everyone. Until then, you can simply enjoy the clips.

(If you are having problems viewing the AVI clips, a DIVX compressor can be downloaded here).

Note: All six clips are the same length, format and size.

Name Length size Format Preview
Documentary Pt. 01, Documentary Pt. 02, Documentary Pt. 03, Documentary Pt. 04, Documentary Pt. 05, Documentary Pt. 06 40 seconds 2.18 MB Avi

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