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Sometimes just watching Balto isn't enough, so when the movie was released so was some nifty merchandise. As well as a few re-releases. With a few excepts most of these items must be purchased online, or bid on. I'm only covering items that were once avalible in stores. If you have any pictures of your items to contribute please Email me. I'm an currently looking for pictures of the Hardees Toys, the UK KFC Figures, Balto and Jenna Plushies in various poses, the original Video covers, and perhaps their international counterparts.

Picture Information

Price: $20-25 dollars
The Balto DVD finally released on Feb. 19, 2002. It comes with a various features such as a Find the Sled Dog Team Game, and the Original Movie Trailer. Note, the UK verison also comes with Film production highlights. Just being released you should have no problems finding the Balto DVD in stores. Walmart, and K-mart are good places to start looking. If you're unable to find it in stores try or

Price: $20-25 dollars
The Balto II: Wolf Quest DVD released on Feb. 19, 2002. Includes the Movie Trailer and Rescue Aleu game. You should have no problem buying Wolf Quest in stores or online. If you want to save a few dollars try

Price: $10-15 dollars
The Balto Soundtrack, includes 2 verisons of Reach for the Light. Nice CD Cover artwork. As for the CD itself the music plays a bit low compared to other CDs, but other than that it's a great investment. I'd recommend it over just owning MP3s. You can find plenty of soundtracks up for bid at E-bay or purchase a few at's Z-shops.

Price: $3.95
The Balto Junior Novel was released in 1995. It's 57 pages long, with 8 full color pages with scenes from the movie. Like all Junior Novels it doesn't follow the movie too well, but it is a nifty item to have. It can no longer be found in stores, try places like, Yahoo, and

Price: $4-7 dollars
Balto the Hero is another adaptation to the movie. It has about 30 pages, and is filled with color stills from the movie. As for reading purpose this book is even less acurrate than the Junior Novel, it skips the last half, until Balto comes home. You may find a few of these online, I got mine from Yahoo shopping, and it was the last copy. You can try E-bay,'s Z-shops, or Yahoo Shopping (they may have more by this time).

Price: $10.95
Balto: The Movie Storybook is yet another adaptation of the film. It's hard cover book with about 30 pages, filled with movie stills, and line drawings (very nice!). The story is more accurate than Balto the Hero, but still less accurate than The Junior Novel. I lost a bid for it on E-bay but stumbled across a cheaper one at the next day. Try your luck on E-bay, Yahoo Shopping or

Price: $1-3 dollars
Balto Stickers! They are about 2.5 x 2.5 inches and glossy. Some stickers have the Balto Logo, others don't. As far as I know the stickers can be found in sets of 6 or 176. I don't know about the price, I won my set on e-bay for 2 dollars, i'm guessing as to the original price. I've only seen these wonderful stickers up for bid on E-bay.

International Balto Merchandise:
Hold your mouse over the image for a description. Thanks to Anja Ludwig for the German video covers, Knud Malhmann for the German DVD covers and Kevin khoo Ying Guo for the Malaysian DVD Cover.
The German Wolf Quest DVD Cover. The German Wolf Quest video cover. The Balto DVD from Germany The newer version of the Balto video cover.
The original Balto VHS cover in Germany. A Balto and Wolf Quest video set from Germany. Poster like Balto figure. The Malaysian Wolf Quest DVD cover.

Please note, I am not selling any of my items, but if you would like to sell me something of yours please e-mail me. I am currently looking for Plushies, and UK Balto 2 pencil cases. And check out my host Fluke's Tribute to Balto for rare and unusual Balto items.

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