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Unlike in the movie, Balto wasn't part wolf, nor was he an outcast. He was a husky who proved himself by leading the team back to Nome in the last stretch of the "Great Race".

If you don't know much about the true story of Balto, the information below provides excellent information. Of the books listed below, I really suggest "The Cruelest Miles". It fully gives you a sense of Nome at the time, and re-tells the Great Race as it happened. It also includes pictures in addition to a wonderful nonfictional story.

Suggested Links: Fluke's Tribute to Balto: The Real Balto. Contains extensive information regarding the True story of Balto, as well as pictures and movie clips.

Documents and Scans:
-The Story of Balto
-The path that Balto ran on
-Balto and the Great Race book cover | Gunnar checks Balto's paw | Balto discovers broken ice
-The Bravest Dog Ever book cover | Gunnar digs out the team | Balto leads the team into Nome
-The Cruelest Miles book cover | The cover's backside

Magazine Articles:
These are articles are scans from Fancy Dog Magazine. If you have any problems with these articles being posted on The Ice Cave, please E-mail me.
-Article 1 | Article 2

Pictures of the Balto Memorial:
A big thanks goes out to John Pullinger, who with White Wolf 707 visited the Balto statue in New York in August of 2002. John was nice enough to let me use a few of his pictures of the statue for this site. Thanks again John! Please note: These images are not to be used on your own website.

"Thank you Balto, I would have been lost without you." -Rosie