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Ever wonder what some scenes looked in Balto before they were finished? Well take a look below to find out. Acanis very generiously let me use some of the Sketches he aquired. And I also went looking for some online, so my bottom point is don't use these for your own site without asking. I would like to thank Pawfly for letting me use the Dixie and Boiler room story boards! And Thanks to Thornwolf for the newest editions.

The model sheets all belong to me and were scanned by me. The same rules above apply to those. So look, but don't touch.

Rough Sketches

-A rough sketch of Balto

-A cool rough sketch of Steele

-Balto and Jenna Under the Clinic


Story Board Images

-Balto and Steele Racing

-Dixie: I Don't Understand You Jenna

-Balto and Jenna in the Boiler Room

-Steele W/ an evil smirk

-Balto fetches Rosie's... mitten?

-A front view of Jenna

-Jenna pulls Rosie's sled

-So I won't...

-Rosie's father shoos Balto away from the sled

-Steele in the lead

-Nifty perspective shot

-Jenna stops Rosie from running after her hat

Production Cells

-The Grizzly Bear pins Balto

-A close up of the Grizzly

-A side view of the Grizzly

Model Sheets

-Balto from various angles, carrying Rosie's hat

-Various Boris facial expressions

-Different angles of Jenna running

-A Kaltag turn around sheet with construction lines

-Some of Kaltag's facial expressions

-Muk and Luk's clean up guide

-Nikki's facial expressions

-Facial expressions for a random husky

-A star turn around sheet, with construction lines

-Star's facial expressions, and a guide for drawing his eyes

-More of Star's facial expressions

-A early design for Steele

-More Steele inspirational sketches

"Oh, great if things ain't bad enough now we got wolves." -Nikki