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After a long decision and some failed attemps, I've finally managed to record my own wav sounds. All of them belong to me and were not taken from another site. So you may not use them on your own site without my premission! I have 81 sounds in total of medium quality, organized by character, enjoy!

Wav sounds:

Description: Size:
Balto01-"You're taking care of me?" 13 KB
Balto02-"How sweet, Uncle Boris..." 14KB
Balto03-"Look uh just a shot in the dark, but I was wondering, I don't maybe you'd like to chase a few sticks by moonlight? Hehe..." 59 KB
Balto04-"Dogs travel for years just to be right here." 14KB
Balto05-"Hey Look I wanna help Rosie get better. I can get that medicine though." 20KB
Balto06-"Boris, did you ever think maybe you're the reason the other gesse fly south?" 22KB
Balto07-"Come on, Steele and his team passed this way." 29KB
Balto08-"Guys, I think- *pauses* I think we should keep moving..." 34KB
Balto09-"If we take Eagle pass it'll save us half a day..." 40KB
Balto10-"You two guys ought to learn how to swim some day, you'd be very good at it." 20KB
Balto11-"Go ahead guys, take her home." 10KB
Balto12-"Since when do you need a pedigree to help someone? Steele, let me help you." 39KB
Balto13-"Aaaauuuurrroooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!" 24KB

Description: Size:
Boris01-"Oyyy! It's cold!" 14KB
Boris02-"That would be a tragedy... I was being sarcastic..." 24KB
Boris03-"Stay on the sidelines!" 23 KB
Boris04-"But you can call him idiot." 10KB
Boris05-"Not a dog, not a wolf. All he knows is what is not, if only he could see what he is." 42KB
Boris06-"It's love, so go make move. When angels bala like a stromba's sweet song of love, MAMBO!" 49KB
Boris07-"This wolf business thing again? Sometimes I wish like crazy that I was half eagle..." 53KB
Boris08-"Racing is a specator's sport! It requries very little preparation, you sit, you watch. You like potato chip?" 77KB
Boris09-"When you are big, frozen stiff statue named Balto, don't come running to me!" 27KB
Boris10-"Spending days in bitter cold, facing wild animals, risking death from exposure... It's like holiday in Old Country." 51KB
Boris11-Trouble and then the Grizzly bear... 137KB
Boris12-"Who else should you bring on a wild goose chase, but a goose?" 19KB
Boris13-"Let me tell you something Balto. A dog cannot make this journey alone, but maybe a wolf can." 49KB
Boris14-"Balto's Back!!!!!!!" 10KB

Description: Size:
jenna01-"Balto, what's wrong with her?" 31KB
jenna02-"Balto, those are broken bottles, and they're not half empty, they're all empty." 27KB
jenna03-"The Northen Lights..." 10 KB
jenna04-"Balto you're right, they're beautiful..." 50KB
jenna05-"As long as the Medicine gets through, STOP BEING SUCH A GLORY HOUND!" 18KB
jenna06-"WHAT? Polar bears who can't swim?!" 30KB
jenna07-"He's drowing!" 11KB
jenna08-"You should all go ahead without me... I'll be slowing everyone down, and Rosie can't hold out much longer." 31KB
jenna09-"Balto's alive, and he's coming home." 19KB

Description: Size:
steele01-"Well, well, what's wrong this picture? Jenna, join me for dinner, I'll start at one end, you start at the other, and when we get to the middle... You tell me..." 59KB
steele02-"Aurrrooooooo!" 69KB
steele03-"Nikki, Star, Kaltag, move it. We're straping up." 11 KB
steele04-"Do you honestly think any musher would put you on his team? You're more mixed up than I thought." 26KB
steele05-"And when I come back, i'm gonna fold you 5 ways and leave you for a-cat-toy." 27KB
steele06-"I know what i'm doing! It's this way! Come on!" 38KB
steele07-"We-don't-need-your-help!" 29KB
steele08-"Touch that box, and i'll tear you apart." 26KB
steele09-"Who do you think you are?" 13KB
steele10-Steele plummets over the cliff, and lives... 67KB
steele11-"Go ahead wolf-dog you'll never get home! I'll make sure of that!" 77KB
steele12-Steele tells his lie to the group, on the pretense that the team will never make it home. 186KB
steele13-Steele tells everyone how Balto "died", and Jenna knows he's lying. 186KB
steele14-"I swam, and I swam, and it was freezing cold, and finally I just said, Steele your gonna have to gnaw your way to the surface..." 82KB
steele15-Steele tries to explain his lie... 48KB

Nikki, Kaltag, and Star:
Description: Size:
Kaltag01-"Balto! What are you doing?! If Steele catches you out here, he's gonna turn you into kibble! 40KB
nikki_kaltag01-"I hit my head on somethin'... "-Nikki "Yeah, my head..."-Kaltag 14KB
nikki_kaltag02-"Two bones says Steele takes him..."-Nikki "You're on."-Kaltag 20KB
nikki_kaltag03-"Ohhh, he'll feel that tommorow..."- Kaltag "I think he is feeling it now..."-Nikki "OUCH!"-Kaltag 26KB
nikki_kaltag04-That can't be legal!"-Kaltag 9KB
nikki_kaltag05-"Hey dat stuff is fragile dere..."-Nikki 21KB
nikki_kaltag06-"Oh, if things aren't bad enough, now we got wolves..." 28KB
star01-"What's Wolf for 'Go chase your tail?'." 14KB
star02-"What are we gonna do now Steele?" 13KB
star03-"But our musher hit his head. And he didn't get up..." 16KB
star04-"Balto, slow down!" 16KB
star05-"Aaaaachooooooo!" 16KB
star06-"Way to go Balto!" 46KB

Misc. Characters and Events:
Description: Size:
Badnews01-News that Steele's team is lost reaches Nome. 105KB
badnews02-"Can not send more anitoxen.Stop Weather too serve.Stop Lost sled team only hope.Stop Our prayers are with them.Stop"- Morse code message from Juno 73KB
Dixie01-"He's postitivly MAG-nesium!" 16KB
misc01-Balto arrives on the scene. 29KB
misc02-Jenna tells the group about Balto's efforts, and they all laugh. 36KB
misc03-"Balto finally recieves the praise he deserves. 90KB
misc04-Rosie and her Granddaughter reflect at the Balto memoral in NYC. 158KB
misc05-That old woman is Rosie all grown up! 47KB
mukluk01-"We love you Uncle Boris!" 25KB
mukluk02-"Help, help, we can't swim!" 16KB
mukluk03-"Oh the shame of the polar bear who fears the water, no wonder we are shuned by our fellow bear. Woe is us!" 59KB
mukluk04-"Brillant, right on the beak! What a bullseye!" 29KB
mukluk05-Muk's concern for Balto... 46KB
mukluk06-Muk and Luk realize they were swimming... 47KB
rosie01-Rosie loves her new sled! 23KB
rosie02-"Ahoy Steele!" 10KB
rosie03-"Balto, i'd be lost without you..." 23KB

Midi & Mp3 songs

Special Thanks to Acanis and Fluke (my hostee) for recording these Mp3s, and allowing me to use them. If any of them don't work you can go to their site here. Although these are full songs, Please consider buying the CD, for the full experience.

#: Name:
1. Main Title
2. The Dog Sled Race
3. Rosie Goes to The Doctor
4. Boris and Balto
5. The Journey Begins
6. Grizzly Bear
7. Jenna
8. Steele's Treachery
9. The Epidemics Toll
10. Heritage of The Wolf
11. Balto Brings the Medicine
12. Reach For the Light

Reach For The Light Midi format.

"I dunno honey, maybe we should have gotten her the dollhouse instead..." -Rosie's Father