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In place known as Nome, Alaska the year was 1925. Long before, cars or snowmobiles became common place, sled dogs were often used in everyday life. Just about every dog in Nome is either a working dog, or a pet. However, one such dog, Balto finds himself as an outcast. Thanks to being part wolf, nearly no human or dog in town accepted the hybrid for who he is, except for the few Balto can truly call friends. Balto someday hopes to race on a sled dog team, and to win the affections of the beautiful red husky, Jenna. In addition to being feared by the most of the residents of Nome, Balto is also deeply hated by the leader of the championship sled dog team, a large black and white malamute named Steele. Using his jock like attitude, influence and dark charm, Steele manages to bully Balto out of town whenever he gets the chance, while also trying to capture the affections of Jenna.

One day, Nome is stricken down by an epidemic of Diphtheria. With a great deal of the town in danger from the disease, a championship sled dog team is assembled. The team must travel 500 miles to the town of Nenna to retrieve a crate of anti-toxin to save Nome. When Balto races against the others to try and earn a place on the team, he comes in first, but has his shot at glory taken away by Steele. Who convinces both his musher and the racing judge that Balto is a fierce, non-trustworthy animal. Forced to stay behind, the hybrid sulks as the team, led by Steele races off to Nenna for the anti-toxin.

On the way back to Nome, the team gets lost with the anti-toxin. The town determines it's much too dangerous to send another team, leaving the lost team as their only hope. Upon hearing the news, Balto sets out to find the team and to help lead them home. With the help of his best friend Boris, a Russian snow goose, and two polar bear cubs, Muk and Luk, the wolf-dog tracks down the team. Unknown to the team, Jenna who wishes to help her young sick owner Rosie, sets out after the party.

Along the way, Jenna rescues Balto as he grapples with a large black grizzly bear. After threat of the grizzly, it's discovered that during the fight, Jenna was injured and must be taken back to Nome. Balto leaves the task to Boris, Muk and Luk as he sets out to find the lost team. After tracking the team by scent, Balto finds them, near a cliff, unharnessed and their musher unconscious. Steele, thanks to pride and arrogance refuses the help of the wolf-dog hybrid. In an attempt to kill Balto, who refuses to leave without the anti-toxin, Steele goes over the edge of the cliff. With his biggest obstacle seemingly gone (but not dead), Balto is free to lead the team home, who willingly accepts the help.

On the way, Balto notices the trail he created to mark the way home had been all be destroyed by a vengeful Steele. Quickly losing confidence in his abilities, Balto pulls the team along. When a few hours pass, the team realizes they're lost, and began to doubt the change in leadership. Determined to find the way home, Balto fiercely pulls the team along, and nears runs off a cliff in the process. Just as he stops the sled in time, the crate of anti-toxin becomes loosened from the sled and begins to fall. Balto tries to save the crate, but ends up going over with the medicine. Recovering from the fall, the wolf-dog nearly gives up hope, until a majestic white wolf reminds him of his wolf side. It's then that Balto find the strength to go on, and to rely on his own instincts to lead the team home.

Not long after, Balto triumphantly leads the team into Nome. Much to Steele's dismay, all of the malamute's friends turn on him for lying about the Balto and the medicine. Meanwhile, Nome greets Balto warmly as the town is saved, thanks to the fresh supply of anti-toxin. Balto goes off to see Rosie and she begins to recover, she says "Thank you Balto, I would have been lost without you." He greets Jenna playfully, then affectionately. The moment is cut short when the whole town cheers for Balto outside of the small hospital.

"Stop being such a glory hound!" -Jenna