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Lots of new and interesting characters appear in Wolf Quest as well as a few of our favorite characters!

Returning Cast:

Voiced by: Maurice LaMarche
Our favorite hero returns as a father of 6 beautiful puppies. Lately Balto's been plagued by vivid dreams of embarking on a quest, which come true when his Daughter, Aleu runs away!

Voiced by: Charles Fleischer
Still Balto's friend, this Russian Goose now serves as a baby sitter for Aleu, Muk and Luk. He feels that Balto's dreams mean more than just dreams.

Voiced by: Jodi Benson
Jenna returns as the caring mother of 6 pups and as Balto's soulmate. Unfortunatly she isn't seen too much throughout the movie.

Muk and Luk
Voiced by: Kevin Schon
Muk and Luk are still quite playful and young, and always enjoy games. Whether those games be hide and seek with Aleu or with each other.

New Characters:

Voiced by: Lacey Chabert
The Daughter of Balto and Jenna, whom no one adopts because of her wolfish appearance. After finding out about her wolf heritage, Aleu runs away to find herself.

The Pups
Nicolette Little: Dingo
Melanie Spore: Saba
The offspring of Balto and Jenna. Because they look more like huskies than wolves, all of them get adopted by local Nome residents.

Voiced by: Moné Walton
This beautiful white wolf is Balto's mother, and serves as a spirit guide. Her voice often appears in Balto's dreams and she takes the form of many of the characters he meets.

Voiced by: David Carradine
The current Leader/Shaman of the wolf pack that Balto and Aleu encounter. Old and wise, he still commands the respect of his pack, and feels that everything in nature is a balance.

Voiced by: Mark Hamill
Nuji wants nothing more than to take the place of Nava as leader of the wolf pack, and commands the respect of most the wolves. He fears change and feels that Nava's ideas are foolish.

Sumac, Nuk, and Yak
Joe Alaskey :Nuk
Rob Paulsen: Sumac
Jeff Bennett: Yak
(From left to right) Sumac, Nuk and Yak are a trio of wolves that always hangout together, and serve as Nuji's henchmen at times. While the concept is similar to the trio in "Balto", their interaction to each other is not.

The Wolf Pack
The large pack of wolves that are faced with a food shortage. The will only follow a leader if they feel that he is wise and capable.

The Raven
A Mysterious bird who appears in Balto's dreams, and leads him to his daughter Aleu after she runs away. In some Native American cultures the Raven is considered to be a noble trickster.

The Fox
Voiced by: Mary Kay Bergman
While looking for his daughter, Balto encounters this cunning trickster. In exchange for freeing her of her bonds she helps Balto by pushing him off a log and into fast moving river currents.

Voiced by: Peter MacNicol
After wondering around lost, Aleu stumbles into a cavern made mostly of crystal and crosses paths with a field mouse. Muru helps Aleu on her journey by telling her that she must quest for her idenity.

"Let him speak! It is his right."-Nava