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Even though Balto 2 was an entirely new experience, one couldn't help but notice some similarities between both films. All comparisons are made on the chart below, because any other way would be just too sloppy. As I come up with more similarities I'll be sure to list them. And if you haven't seen Balto 2 yet, I don't suggest you read this.

Balto II:
Humans consider Balto a wild animal because of wolf heritage. Humans reject Aleu because she looks a lot like a wolf.
Balto is forced to live outside of Nome. Aleu lives with Balto on the outskirts of Nome.
Balto goes off to bring home the medicine. Balto goes off to bring home his daughter.
Balto and Jenna fight a grizzly bear. Balto and Aleu also grapple with a grizzly.
Steele and his 3 henchdogs give Balto trouble. Niju and his 3 henchwolves give Balto and Aleu trouble.
Kaltag, Nikki and Star buddy up, and are always together. Sumac, Nuk, Yak are always hang out together.
Kaltag is a yellowish color, and talks the most. Sumac is also a yellowish color.
Nikki is a bit overwieght and right to the point. Nuk is overwieght, and doesn't talk (or think) much.
Steele is a very agressive leader, and bullies everyone. Niju is agressive, and uses force to get what he wants.
Doc (the St. Benard) is often times the voice of wisdom among the dogs of Nome. Nava is the aging leader of the wolf pack, and leads wisely.
Balto challenges Steele's authority, by trying to lead the dogsled team. Aleu directly calls Niju a coward, thus challenging him.
In the end Steele is abandoned by all of the dogs of Nome. Niju unwilling to leave, is left behind by almost all of the wolves.
Balto takes his place as leader of the sled team. Aleu becomes the new leader of the wolf pack.

"We are masters of our own design..." -Niju