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After a long bout with laziness I got off my butt and recorded a few sounds from Balto 2. These sounds include everything from conversations to just music. There are 110 medium quality sounds here, organized by character, so enjoy! And remember You may NOT use these sound clips for your own site! No stealing my hard work!

Wav sounds:

Description: Size:
Balto01-"So what if I was? It's just a dream..." 23.8 KB
Balto02-"Oh Jenna, they're so beautiful... Just like you." 30.7 KB
Balto03-"What me forget? Never! *yawns*" 23.4 KB
Balto04-"Hey Pups! Good to see you to!" 32.7 KB
Balto05-"Hey how about they spend the night with me? " 70.7 KB
Balto06-"Take it easy there tiger..." 11.4 KB
Balto07-"Come on, being different is painful..." 43.1 KB
Balto08-"Aleu may look like a wolf, but she is going to be all dog." 39.3 KB
Balto09-"It's been a long day Jenna, let's go home." 19.1 KB
Balto10-"Come on Aleu, you'll always be my baby, no matter how old you are." 17.3 KB
Balto11-Balto Tells Aleu why she was hunted. 67.5 KB
Balto12-Balto Tells Aleu the truth. 75.2 KB
Balto13-Balto Talks about his parents. 60.4 KB
Balto14-"What is it? What do want???" 60.4 KB
Balto15-Where's Aleu? 55.5 KB
Balto16-Balto tells Jenna that Aleu ran off. 130 KB
Balto17-"You! What is it you want?" 69.7 KB
Balto18-Balto gets pushed around... 49.4 KB
Balto19-Balto gets carried away... 118 KB
Balto20-"I'm going to find Aleu and bring her home!" 10.2 KB
Balto21-"I have no reason to fight the Wolvine Clan..." 52.4 KB
Balto22-"I'm afraid, but not of you." 65 KB
Balto23-"Oh no ya don't!!!" 21.6 KB
Balto24-"How did you get so stubborn?!" 20.7 KB
Balto25-"Nava is right, following the carabou is choosing life." 52.6 KB
Balto26-"I'll lead, mush! I...I mean Move Out!" 22 KB
Balto27-"Be careful Aleu..." 15.1 KB
Balto28-"You wanted to be a leader Niju... Now's your chance, GO!" 25.2 KB
Balto29-"It's just so hard to let my Baby go." 53.2 KB
Balto30-"Now What?" 24.2 KB
Balto31-"Goodbye to you too, Mother." 15.1 KB

Description: Size:
Aleu01-"Uncle Boris since i'm not a baby anymore, I don't need a baby sitter..." 24.8 KB
Aleu02-"No it's a human, he wouldn't hurt me..." 21 KB
Aleu03-"I don't understand Papa, why did you attack him?" 27.8 KB
Aleu04-Aleu discovers her father is half wolf. 55.1 KB
Aleu05-Aleu learns how humans really see her. 89.6 KB
Aleu06-"Where do I belong?" 18.1 KB
Aleu07-"I'm NOT a wolf." 72.3 KB
Aleu08-"How do I find out who I am?" 11.4 KB
Aleu09-"We've got to jump!" 33.1 KB
Aleu10-"No, I know what I am, but not who I am." 40.7 KB
Aleu11-"That's ANYwhere fleabag!!!" 31.5 KB
Aleu12-"I say Niju is afraid to cross the Great Water!" 51.2 KB
Aleu13-"This isn't just about us anymore, papa." 33.7 KB
Aleu14-Aleu decides to say. 50.6 KB
Aleu15-Aleu's goodbye. 33.3 KB

Description: Size:
Boris02-Boris discusses Balto's bad dreams. 106 KB
Boris03-The Discussion continued. 67.5 KB
Boris04-The Discussion, part 3. 62.8 KB
Boris05-"Balto, maybe Raven and Wolf on Totem Pole is making you have bad dreams." 72.7 KB
Boris06-"Look at me, i'm an Uncle!" 16.5 KB
Boris07-Aleu looks like a wolf... 93.1 KB
Boris08-"Aleu how can I babysit if you won't sit?" 24.2 KB
Boris09-"At more than year old, Aleu should have home of her own." 47 KB
Boris10-"He's a wolf on a mission..." 124 KB

Description: Size:
Jenna01-"Hello Balto. Well Come in, they don't bite, at least not yet..." 43.7 KB
Jenna02-"Good morning Sleepy Head!" 27.7 KB
Jenna03-Jenna Talks about adoption. 95.7 KB
Jenna04-"But we can't, not until a human adopts Aleu." 59.3 KB
Jenna05-"Balto what are you doing her so early?" 31.9 KB

Description: Size:
Nuji01-"What are you waiting for? Get them!" 17.5 KB
Nuji02-"Get back there! You sniveling cowards!" 19.9 KB
Nuji03-"I'll make sure you drown!" 42.1 KB
Nuji04-"I will not let them go Nava." 34.2 KB
Nuji05-"Someday your tricks will not be enough to save you." 18.3 KB
Nuji06-"The old believes the trees and grass can talk..." 39.4 KB
Nuji07-"Nava would have us leave the land that's been our clan's home for generations... 51.6 KB
Nuji08-"Yes there is a right, our right to survive!" 64.8 KB
Nuji09-Niju mocks Nava and Balto. 41.3 KB
Nuji10-"I will be a leader who does not depend on foolish dreams!" 23.8 KB
Nuji11-"You're out numbered, Half-breed." 14 KB
Nuji12-Niju's showdown with Aleu. 17.5 KB
Nuji13-"No! No one's going anywhere!" 50 KB
Nuji14-"I... I won't, I'll never leave our lands, NEVER!" 63.2 KB

Description: Size:
Nava01-"Clear a path for our visitors. Now!" 26.4 KB
Nava02-"I admire your passion Niju..." 37 KB
Nava03-The Movie Plot is finally revealed. 107 KB
Nava04-"We must move on..." 26.4 KB
Nava05-"Each of us has a unique gift, perhaps your dreams show us the way." 22.2 KB
Nava06-"A star dies and another is born, all is a great dance." 37.2 KB
Nava07-"I will find Niju, we are still a clan, and would not be whole without each other." 28.3 KB

Miscellanous Sounds:
Description: Size:
Anžu01-"Auuuuurrrrrrooooooooooo!" 24.6 KB
Misc. 01-"The Stork has Landed! Woof, woof, I repeat, THE STORK HAS LANDED!!!" 45.7 KB
Misc. 02-The Adoption scene, so cute. 38.8 KB
Misc. 03-The Adoption scene (continued). 48 KB
Misc. 04-"Aurrooooooooooooo!" 22.4 KB
Misc. 05-Balto Struggles to tell Aleu about the Hunter. 71.5 KB
Misc. 06-The Animal Totems 45.7 KB
Misc. 07-The Fox Scene 79 KB
Misc. 08-The Fox Scene (part 2) 33.1 KB
Misc. 09- The Wolverine Scene 111 KB
Misc. 10-"Soon he'll run home like the whimpering dog that he is..." 43.9 KB
Misc. 11-Aleu sings along with Muru. 114 KB
Misc. 12-"Oh No I love to hear to wolves sing..." 50 KB
Misc. 13-"I am shedding light, where darkness lies." 23.2 KB
Misc. 14- Aleu's Q&A Session with Muru. 96.1 KB
Misc. 15-"The Old one spoke the truth about Balto, we must go!" 18.3 KB
mukluk 01-"AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" 52 KB
mukluk 02-"Sounds like trouble mate. Bears to the rescue!" 28.9 KB
mukluk 03-"Shhh, we're here to play with Aleu." 38.4 KB
mukluk 04-"Uncle Boris, do you still need us?" 27.8 KB
nuk 01-"Who's on a diet?" 9.22 KB
nuk 02-"I usually don't make THINKing a habit..." 63.8 KB
Trio 01-The Trio Spots Aleu and Balto. 56.5 KB
Trio 02-The Trio introduces themselves. 91.6 KB
Trio 03- The ADGTH joke. 50.6 KB
Musical Score 01- Time Passes. 102 KB
Musical Score 02- Crossing the Ice Bridge. 123 KB
Musical Score 03- The Underwater Cavern. 126 KB

"I am shedding light, where darkness lies." -Muru