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Balto III: Wings of Change Clips Created by me (Silver Huskey) for a change:
These clips were created exclusively for use on The Ice Cave. So please don't ask to use them on your website, I will unfortunately take them down. Please don't hotlink to these clips either. Other than feel free to download and enjoy for personal use. Thanks! You'll also need DivX to view the clips. Don't have it? Get it here.

Name Length size Format Preview
Bush Plane.avi 1min 15sec 4.23MB AVI
Hero Song.avi 3min 30sec 11.6MB AVI
Boris and Stella.avi 1min 15sec 4.27MB AVI
Dogs Win Race.avi 5Min 16.7MB AVI
The Race Part 1.avi 45sec 2.37MB AVI
The Race Part 2.avi 45sec 2.54MB AVI
Lost Plane Part 1.avi 55sec 3.23MB AVI
Lost Plane Part 2.avi 55sec 3.23MB AVI
Duke Rescued Part 1.avi 45sec 2.46MB AVI
Duke Rescued Part 2.avi 45sec 2.54MB AVI

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