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Although it's still small, my Balto 3 section has grown quite a bit. Now that I've seen the movie and I'm on vacation, I'm able to work with this section a little more. As time passes, I hope I'm able to update with character information, a detailed plot summary, scans and what not. That won't be until after the official release date on February 1st, 2005. Until then, enjoy what I have avaliable.

Balto III: Wings of Change is the latest (and hopefully last) installment in the Balto series. Unlike Balto II: Wolf Quest, Wings of Change returns to the original movie's roots. Instead of trying new ideas which don't neccessarily work, WOC plays it safe and treads on familiar ground. The setting once again takes place in Nome and focuses on sledding. Although Balto's son, Kodi plays a major role in the movie, Balto is once again the focus. The movie takes place a full three years after the original. Kodi finds his job as a mail dog threatened by the onset of bush planes. In order to prove the reliability of sled dogs over planes, a race is a agreed to by owner of the plane, Duke, the dog musher, Mr. Simpson and the head of the Post office. The first to relay the mail from Nome and back wins the right to deliver the mail. Kodi and his teammates appeal to Balto to lead their team into victory. Although Balto has doubts of his own about winning the race against the bush plane.

First Images:

The United States Version cover.

A few screen shots from the Chinese version of the movie, taken via VCD. These will be replaced with high quality screen shots once the DVD is released here in the United States and I'm able to purchase a copy.

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