Blood: The Last Vampire's Really Limited U.S. Release

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A short while ago I wrote about Sony's live-action adaptation of Blood: The Last Vampire. I predicted the movie would release sometime in July or August and that prediction turned out to be pretty spot on. The movie will open in select U.S. theaters starting on July 10th. However, I did not anticipate a limited release, and by limited, I mean really limited. Blood will only open in 16 cities in 9 states (although the District of Columbia isn't a state), and five of those showings are concentrated in just one state. Not even all of the top ten most populated cities in the States are included on that list, which is extremely frustrating. For example, there are two showings in Hawaii but none in Philadelphia or even Phoenix?

One could guess that Sony maybe playing it safe, especially after the abysmal sales that Dragonball: Evolution generated back in April. Or Sony could just be missing the point entirely, it's hard to tell at times. However, all hope isn't entirely lost for those wanting to see this movie in the Philadelphia region. If you are attending Philadelphia's annual Wizard World Philadelphia convention on June 19th you are in luck. A special advanced screening of the film will be shown tomorrow night and is Philadelphia's only chance at seeing the movie. It's not a perfect solution, but it's better than nothing.

If you're not willing or able to travel to one of the said 16 cities, your options for seeing Blood are pretty limited (and probably not completely legal). 
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