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Over the holidays, I watched some of Jackie Evancho's videos on YouTube for the first time.  And I think it's a sad commentary on the times when my first thought isn't about what an incredible talent she is.  Instead, my first thought was, "I hope she doesn't ruin herself like every other young celebrity like her eventually does."

You see, the sad fact of celebrity life is that there are many temptations.  With nothing to do except look fabulous and occasionally show off your talent, many celebrities resort to indulging themselves in the party scene.  This leads to high profile celebrity rehab stories, like the ones that surfaced in 2007 regarding Lindsay Lohan.  Everyone also remembers what happened to Britney Spears in 2007 and 2008.  And this isn't even a new problem.  Andy Gibb died in 1988 after struggling with cocaine addiction throughout the 80s.

What makes Amy Winehouse's recent death from alcohol poisoning even more tragic is that, for the most part, a celebrity going through a rough addiction is at least aware that they have a problem but feels powerless to stop it.  Winehouse was so adamant that she didn't have a drinking problem that she wrote a song about it and it ended up being her first hit.  Apparently, the anti-rehab sentiment hits a cord with an audience who also doesn't want to own up to their personal problems, or something.  Point is, she defiantly told the world that she simply won't go and deal with her need to drink all the time, and in the end it killed her.

The worst of it is, she only has herself to blame.  She's the one who drank, she's the one who refused to deal with it, and now she's the one who is dead.  Her fans will probably disagree with me, but the only person to blame for her death is herself.  I mean, sure, my body is a temple, but it seemed like she went out of her way to make her body a wine house.  Well, vodka.  A vodka house, according to the police report.

It's a pattern that has repeated itself many, many times.  Fun fact: there's a show on VH1 called Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.  This is apparently another reality show where we get to gawk at celebrities at their worst and serves only to re-enforce our long-standing beliefs of them being coke-heads and heavy boozers.  Most of the people featured on the show are currently, or had at one point, been successful.  For one reason or another, they have fallen into the same trap most celebrities fall into.  Pretty much the only person who has appeared on the show who I feel has a legitimate reason to drink is Rodney King.  Yes, that Rodney King.  Sure, he had a love of the drink before, but I doubt that getting beaten up by the people you're supposed to trust to keep you safe helped matters.

Jackie Evancho is currently 11 years old.  She probably has at least a few years to go before she'll be exposed to this aspect of celebrity life, but I hope she never finds herself on the wrong end of a hangover at 5 in the morning lying in an alley somewhere feeling sorry for herself.  She's too good to go ruining herself with a bottle of beer.  She doesn't deserve that kind of life.

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They tried to make me listen to "Rehab", I said "No, no, no"

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