(Un)Captivate 2012

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Capcom’s Captivate event has sadly seen better years, and not entirely because of how far they’ve risen on the “piss your fans off by any means necessary” scale. They used to treat the event as a fun time for fans of the company, one to get them excited for the future of their franchises -- along with announcing new ones. It’s becoming more and more irrelevant every year.


We thought things were dire last year when the main features were the unveil of Dragon’s Dogma and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, along with the second unveil of Street Fighter x Tekken. That was a godsend compared to what we received this year.


DmC: Devil May Cry received its own separate post, while a Resident Evil 6 one is forthcoming. When the announcement that RE6 isn’t coming to Wii U at this point in time qualifies as big news, you know it’s a low key event.



The lone announcement at Captivate 2012 was Lost Planet 3, accompanied by a trailer with zero gameplay. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition did pretty well on 360 and PC, and was one of the first breakout IPs on the former. Things, unfortunately, went a little awry with Lost Planet 2, which eschewed the story-driven single-player campaign for an experience entirely focused on two-player and four-player co-op. Though it had its audience, the disappointment was reflected in its comparatively dismal sales. You can’t blame Capcom for wanting to take a different route with the third game, which promises to place more focus on the single-player campaign. Two-player co-op will remain, however.


The part that has people stricken with fear is that it’s not being developed internally at Capcom, but by a western developer. That seems to be a recipe for disaster with them (outside of Dead Rising 2), the most recent and egregious offender being Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City from Slant Six. Now we have Lost Planet 3 being handled by Spark Unlimited, whose resume includes the likes of Turning Point: Fall of Liberty and Legendary. Somehow, Capcom thought they were perfect candidates for one of their IPs.  You might remember hearing rumors that Spark was working on a game for Capcom from around December, which was thought to be Resident Evil 6 at one point. It appears it was for this game. Sorry, Lost Planet fans.


On that note, Spark apparently has a horror game on the way too. They seem to be good at finding work, despite releasing some lackluster games.



The only other tidbit that could be called “news” was Capcom’s fighting game presentation, which was for the DLC characters in Street Fighter x Tekken you’ve known about for at least a month. They also provided a new animated video focusing on the story with those characters, which also works as a lesson on why you shouldn’t take fighting game stories seriously. The news here is that if you purchase the Vita version, which is still presumably set for release this fall, you’ll get the aforementioned characters free. Can you imagine how much Sony must have paid for this?


Two new videos for Dragon’s Dogma were provided, showing off some of the creepier enemies the game will provide. There should be a steady stream of promotion for it leading up to its May 22nd release date. We’ve known about the incoming demo for a while, but they still haven’t said when it’s due. There was also a new trailer and gameplay video for Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor for Kinect, which releases in June.


Other than that, that’s it. What a show! Hopefully you weren’t expecting anything Ace Attorney related or, well, anything surprising from Capcom, really. Conspicuous in its absence was Dead Rising 3, considering story details and concept art were leaked back in December. Perhaps they’re saving it for E3.


Well, until next year’s Captivate!

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