Cognition Dissemination: Capcom x Fans 2: New Age of Corporate Expectations



Capcom recently released their financial report for the fiscal year ending in March 2012, and it’s loaded with questions and answers for their investors. But that doesn’t mean anyone curious as to what they had to say can’t take a peak. Though they expect to make a record profit at the end of the current fiscal year, they took a rather sizable loss in the last, and had to talk about that happened. We’re talking about modern-day Capcom here, meaning some of their answers were eye-openers. And it’s probably not information you’re going to like.


(Also, you have to love the banner at the top of their Investor Relations page. Ouch.)


One of the first problems they had to address was the sales failure for Street Fighter x Tekken. They originally set a goal of 2 million in their fiscal report last year, but only ended up shipping (as in: sold to retailers, not customers) 1.4 million. You didn’t even have to follow the game that closely to come up with some reasonable guesses as to why the same audience that purchased Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in droves didn’t give this game a look, and it extends well beyond it simply apparently being a game no one asked for.



They’d be kidding themselves if they thought the whole Gem fiasco, with the fear of some of them being game breakers, didn’t turn people away. (And guess what, some Gems do break this game.) And to make matters worse, there was also nearly $100 worth of “Downloadable” Content already on the disc (including twelve whole characters), despite consumers already throwing down $60-$70 for the main game. Not to mention the missing features on the 360 version. The game also had plenty of glitches and infinites that remained in the game until it was patched just this week, more than two months after it released. Said patch also introduced another fatal glitch, which won’t be patched out until mid-June. There are also plenty who just don’t think it’s a good game, and think it’s boring to watch.


Well guess what? Capcom placed the blame for its failure on none of those issues. According to them, the reason the game failed was “genre cannibalism,” meaning there are too many fighting games competing for the consumer’s attention. In fact, they’re a huge part of that, especially when they released Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 a mere nine months after the original version dropped. There are probably plenty of fans expecting an enhanced version of SFxTk down the line, even if they said there wouldn’t be one. The game below expectations, along with the plethora of problems listed above, has given them the perfect justification to release a “Super” version. And really, if there’s any game that needs an enhanced version (as in, a version that’s actually finish and tested properly), it’s this one.


The sad thing is this fiasco is going to make it much harder for Namco Bandai to market and generate anticipation for Tekken x Street Fighter, regardless of how the game turns out.



Meanwhile, Capcom confirmed in that same report that Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City met shipment expectations, despite some dismal reviews from both critics and fans. As a result of this, they’re looking forward to making more games with western partners. This could go either way, and it’s most likely not a good thing.


Dead Rising 2 (and its “enhanced” Off the Record version) and Bionic Commando: Rearmed may have turned out well, but every other game they’ve outsourced to a western developer has either turned out mediocre at best. And while it’s impossible to tell whether DmC: Devil May Cry and Lost Planet 3 will turn out bad, the odds are stacked against them -- especially in the latter’s case, upon looking at Spark Unlimited’s record.


Every time you think Capcom is on the road to recovery, they do something to prove that they still have their head up their ass. This is a pattern we’ll apparently have to adjust to, given their actions.

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One advantage to my late bloom in PS3 ownership is that I've been able to buy the already-"enchanced" (or DLC-inclusive) versions of games without ever owning the first one. I just picked up Dead Risiing 2: Off the Record the other week, and I'll snag Ultimate Marvel V. Capcom 3 when I see a very good price.

For once, my laziness and cheapness has come through for me!

Hahaha, well in confirmation to your comment that Capcom has its head up its ass.... there it is.. gasoline for $1.15 per gallon ! either they need to tell me where that gas station is, or they have not been paying attention to the world for approximately 25 years.

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