Geek News Roundup for 12/22/2013— When Nature Strikes


Welcome to the last Geek News Roundup of 2013! As we prepare for the end of this year and the start of a new year there’s always time to look back at the previous week’s news.

Christmas Eve was not kind to Hello Games. On December 24 large sections of the UK experienced flooding and the indie developer’s Guildford office was completely flooded. Everything from PCs to part of the office wall was lost in the massive flood. Hello Games is best known for creating Joe Danger. No Man’s Sky is the developer’s latest project and as of this writing it unclear if the flooding has resulted in permanent data loss for the game. Insurance can replace lost machines but it may be harder to recover lost data if backups don’t exist. Either way, Hello Games vows to return stronger than they were before the flood.

Square Enix may not have suffered a natural disaster but a lot of people question the large developer’s decisions these days. I’ll place this next item on the list under questionable ambition. Bravely Default game producer Tomoya Asano has expressed interest in releasing a new game in the series every year. The original Bravely Default was released in Japan in 2012 and the sequel, Bravely Second, isn’t due out until 2014. The 3DS game hasn’t been a huge seller there and one has to worry about sequel fatigue with a new game being released every single year. Then again, considering how long it takes Square Enix to produce a new Final Fantasy a yearly RPG series may not be such a bad idea.

While not the same kind of medium anime fans are certainly used to yearly series. Until March of this year Fairy Tail was a long running shonen series. When the series took a hiatus the fans were asked to wait by the original manga creator Hiro Mashima. Now Fairy Tail is set to return in April with a change in animation staff and an overall increase in actual animation quality. If only more anime series took hiatuses instead of chugging on with uninteresting and painfully mediocre fillers.

You can firmly place the Sailor Moon anime in the reboot column. Unfortunately, there isn’t any new information regarding that troubled project. However, Sailor Moon fans attending Anime Expo 2014 will be treated to a panel filled with the original dub cast. The event is in honor of the 20th anniversary of the series.

When the actual Sailor Moon reboot is announced you better believe social media places like Facebook will explode, at least in anime circles. Right now Facebook is king in terms of all social networking, unless you’re between the ages of 16 to 18. Yet another study has revealed teens are no longer using the service because they deem it to be uncool. These teens would rather use Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. That said, the social networking giant isn’t concerned. After all, they still have a huge share of adults who wish to organize their lives using the service and no one is rushing to use Google+ as an alternative. (Fun fact: more than half of Damage Control’s staff actually uses Google+.)

Christmas was last week and there has to be at least one feel good story on the list. 3D printing has been all the rage in 2013. The service was used for charity when a few thousand toys were printed and given to needy children in the UK.

Lastly, Mario proves his mettle against Lara Croft, Master Chief and Assassin Connor:

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