Geek News Roundup for 01/19/2014– Star Wars 1313, the Force is Not With You


Let’s start the news roundup with a brief moment of silence for Star Wars 1313. The trademark for the now defunct LucasArts Star Wars game was allowed to lapse by Disney. The news crushes the remaining hope fans had for the development of the game. Hey, at least fans can look forward to Disney releasing a new trilogy of movies in a few years.

In more cheerful gaming news, the new generation of consoles has given a much needed boost to AMD’s forth quarter earnings. Sales of the consoles using the custom chips put the world’s number two computer processor manufacturer in the black for the quarter. Even with a profitable quarter AMD’s computer division is still in trouble and posted an operating loss for the year.

Fortunately for AMD console sales are quite brisk. Microsoft reported 3.9 million Xbox One units have been shipped to retailers. Of those units shipped 3 million have been sold to consumers. The Xbox One lags slightly behind Sony and the PS4 which has sold 4.2 million consoles to consumers worldwide as of this writing. Still, the competition between the new consoles is fairly healthy. Lost in the talk of games for this new generation is Dead Rising 3. Even if the game isn’t mentioned much it’s doing well for Capcom. Dead Rising 3 has shipped over 1 million units to retailers and is on task to meet the company’s goal of shipping 1.2 million units by March.

It wouldn’t be a week of gaming news without mentioning Nintendo at least once. The European Court of Justice ruled unlicensed devices may be used to bypass anti-piracy protections on Nintendo systems. The ruling stemmed from a dispute in the lower court between Nintendo and PC Box. The latter is a mod chip seller with products that allow unlicensed software to be run on various consoles. The ruling urged the lower court to look into how people actually use unlicensed software. Nintendo was also encouraged to develop protection measures that protect its products from piracy while giving people the ability to mod their consoles. I see very little changing for European Nintendo products in the near future.

In other Nintendo news the 3DS is getting its first FPS in March and another copy of the ultra rare NES game, Nintendo World Championships was put on eBay for a cool $4999.99. The bidding for the game has ended and it sold for an astounding $99,902.00 despite the game’s label being torn off. Just wow.

We cross the pond again and visit London, home of the “fastest ever” broadband speeds. Alcatel-Lucent and BT performed a joint test and were able to achieve speeds of 1.4 terabits per second. 1.4 Tbps equals 1,468,006.4 Mbps, which is many more times the average speed of the current infrastructure. Average broadband speeds in the United States are under 10Mbps and plans reaching 1Gbps (or 1000Mbps) are rare. It’ll be quite a long time before this technology is rolled out in Europe, let alone the United States.

Right now the most pressing issue of the moment isn’t broadband speed but Net Neutrality. There are three serious dangers of losing Net Neutrality as we know it that aren’t being talked about. Ah, there’s nothing like ending the week on a slight downer.

What would life be like if Google was a Guy? College Humor attempts to answer the question almost no one asked:

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