Geek News Roundup for 12/29/2013– Space Dandy Pirates


The Toonami premier of Space Dandy was quite a treat, unless you simply could not wait until Saturday night or for your region to air the series. To the surprise of no one the first episode of Bones’ newest anime was leaked on Friday. The Japanese dubbed version of Space Dandy was stolen from the servers of Australian distributor Madman Entertainment. Sadly, this isn’t Madman’s first encounter with leaked anime. The company also suffered a setback when Kill la Kill was stolen from its server and illegally distributed on the internet. Unfortunately, the theft of simulcast content and illegal distribution on the internet is pretty common.

Netflix is one streaming service with pretty tight security (although it certainly isn’t immune to piracy). In this new year Netflix is testing new pricing models. Depending on how you consume content you could have a variety of new plans to choose from. If you don’t share your subscription and don’t mind standard definition you could have the option of picking a $6.99 per month plan. On the other end of the spectrum users would pay $9.99 per month for simultaneous viewing across three connected devices. The standard $7.99 plan still exists. The new plans are only being tested on new subscribers.

Some of those new users may opt to watch Netflix through their PlayStation 4. After all, the PS4 is going to win the console wars quite handily. Or at least that is what Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter is predicting. Patcher believes the PS4 will pull ahead of the Xbox One by 30-percent and will sell about 37 million consoles by 2016. He also predicts a price cut for the PS4, Xbox One and Wii U (if it hasn’t been discontinued) in the next three years. I have to admit Patcher’s reasoning looks pretty solid.

Before we get to the video of the week there was some sad news during the end of 2013. Actor James Avery passed away on New Year’s Eve after complications from heart surgery at the age of 68. Avery was best known for his role as “Uncle Phil” in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air but he also did a variety of voice acting in animation. Rest in peace Avery, you will be missed.

In this week’s video the MAN AT ARMS takes a stab at Fire Emblem: Awakening and forges Chrom’s Falchion:

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