Geek News Roundup for 01/26/2014– What’s N a Twitter Name?

The lengths people will go through to obtain a rare Twitter username are astounding and perhaps a little frightening. Naoki Hiroshima is a software developer living in California who previously owned the rare username “@N.” He registered the name in 2007 and has had countless offers to buy it, including an offer for $50,000. Additionally, he’s fended off numerous hacking attempts on his coveted Twitter handle. Last week a thief using a trick known as “social engineering” was able to obtain access to Hiroshima’s GoDaddy website and his personal e-mail address. The thief was after his @N handle and agreed to release the e-mail and websites in exchange for access to the rare handle. The story is a fascinating look at how one can have their accounts stolen right from under them in unexpected ways.

Google faced its own unexpected development in the Patent Wars when the tech giant lost a court case and is being ordered to pay 1.36 percent of the revenue it generates from Adwords to Vringo. The small company originally purchased a set of advertising patients from Lycos (a now defunct search engine) and used those patients to sue Google in 2011. The first lawsuit was successful and in response Google changed its ad auction system. The changes did not stop it from losing yet another lawsuit. Continuing with Patent Wars, Google and Samsung teamed up to sign a global patent deal. The aim is to reduce litigation from patent trolls, increase innovation and to counter other corporations (such as Apple and Microsoft) with their own large pools of patents.

In the gaming world the first three projects have gone live on Square Enix’s Collective. The project is like the developer’s very own version of Steam’s Greenlight with a crowdfunding twist thrown in. If the projects are successful it could mark the start of new partnership between large and small developers. It could also go a long way in rebuilding good will among fans and Square Enix. The company’s latest moves have not been popular. Former CEO and President of Square Enix, Yoichi Wada explained in an interview why the developer focused so heavily on remakes and mobile games. And in a bit of good news for MMO fans Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn has an official PS4 release date.

It is easy to pounce on Nintendo when their profits are down and their newest console isn’t doing so well. This week I’m more than happy to find some good news. Since its introduction the 2DS has sold 2.1 million units and to date 42.7 million 3DS units have been shipped worldwide. Those are numbers far higher than a niche console like the Ouya will ever see. Despite tepid demand for the microconsole there is a new Ouya model available. It sports numerous improvements over the original and has a higher price tag of $130 to match.

If video games are not your entertainment medium of first choice I have some anime news for you. A remake of the Fate/stay night anime will be released during the fall season. The new anime will be a darker retelling of Studio DEEN’s 2006 series based on the popular Type Moon visual novels. This time Ufotable is handing the animation and it will have more in common with their 2011 prequel, Fate/Zero. I enjoyed Fate/Zero immensely and I highly recommend it. I’m sure Fate/stay night will be a treat. Another treat is the official announcement of a second season of Free!- Iwatobi Swim Club. The first season hinted at a series continuation in the final episode and as promised season two will debut in the summer. I can’t wrap things up without giving some love to Pokemon. Hulu scored big with its acquisition of season 10 of the anime, a few select movies and the Pokemon Origins four-part special. Gotta Stream ‘em all!

To celebrate the release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Square Enix released a retro-style (i.e. 16-bit SNES era) video recapping Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2:

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