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If you are a regular visitor to this blog you might have noticed my flurry of Anime Boston 2016 industry panel posts. I attended Anime Boston back in March, but I’m only just getting around to posting my panel write-ups, many of which were written in April. I actually debated the value of posting them, but decided that I shouldn’t let the 5000 words I wrote go to waste.


Unfortunately, it has been over two months since I attended the convention, so some of the details of my trip are fuzzy. Instead, here are the basics.

I decided to attend Anime Boston instead of Katsucon because Alex asked me to come. We figured it would be the easiest way to meet in person, since he lives in the Midwest and I live on the East Coast. Originally, Drew had planned to come, but ultimately could not make the trip. My usual anime traveling group also could not make it to the convention, so our size was limited to my boyfriend and me. The drive from Philadelphia to Boston was mildly tiring.

The security check point.
The Hynes Convention Center security check point.

We ended up staying at a hotel that was clearly a motel at one point. It was about a ten minute walk from the hotel to the convention center. The trip to and from the hotel would have been more enjoyable had the weather not been so damp and dreary. Anime Boston itself was split between the Sheraton Hotel and the Hynes Convention Center. Events held in the former were easy enough to get into, provided you had your con badge. The convention center was a different story. Thanks to the Boston Marathon bombing, security was tight and the line to get into the Hynes was quite long. It included a bag check and going through metal detectors. The con itself was crowded, but I did find a few gems such as the gaming room and the artist alley. For a better view of the convention outside of industry panels, check out Alex’s more timely write-up, if you didn’t already read it when he posted it in April.

Quick thoughts:

  • I filled up my street pass quota for Fire Emblem Fates– the limit is 50. As always, anime conventions are a great place to obtain 3DS street passes.
  • I found some old VHS tapes for sale, they bring back memories, especially how much more expensive anime used to be. $30-$40 for only 1-2 episodes? No thanks!
  • I wish I had visited the gaming room sooner, they had some unique arcade games.

All and all, the drive to Boston was a killjoy and I hated the colder weather. The convention itself was fine. Outside of another special invite, I won’t be back to Boston. I’m looking forward to returning to Otakon and Katsucon for my anime convention needs.

My pictures from Anime Boston can be found on Damage Control’s Facebook page. If you’re having a difficult time accessing the Facebook gallery, click here for the Google Photo gallery.

I recorded video of my boyfriend playing Super Table-Flip. (By the end of the weekend, I felt like doing a table-flip. I should have gone a round on the game.) Enjoy.


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