The Ads of Super Bowl LI

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I already wrote about the Bowl at length last week, so let’s just jump right in!

Funny ads

I gave Doritos the win two years in a row. I suppose it was time for a change.

Best — Mr. Clean

There was a LOT of blah ads this year. So many than I was planning on hanging the feature. But this commercial single-handedly saved it.

Honorable mention — Avocados From Mexico

Worst — T-Mobile

Made worse by how blatant it was that Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg weren’t even filming at the same time. Or even the same set.

Car ads

Best — Kia

One of the rare occasions that Melissa McCarthy doing Chris Farley is actually funny.

Worst — Alfa Romeo

Dear plodding…

Football-related ads

Best — Tide

Bradshaw might not have a share of QB with most rings record, but he at least can do a better commercial than Brady.

Worst — T-Mobile

T-Mobile gets a worst again simply because it has Justin Beiber.

Movie ads

Best — Fate of the Furious

With the eighth movie inbound, the Fast and the Furious franchise is now completely unrecognisable from its origins after seven rounds of sequel escilation. The result, however, looks just as fun as it does ridiculous.

Worst — Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

I know Marvel can make a MUCH better trailer than this. I’ve seen them. Including for this movie. Why did the go out of their way to make the dialog in this so banal?

Serious/sentimental ads

There was an outpouring of ads in direct response to the election results this year. I can’t remember such a thing ever happening before in my lifetime.

Best — Budweiser

While it was hard to mistake Budweiser’s take here, it was the softest touch of all the politically inspired ads because it was also about the history of the company and its product. That it was nicely put together helped, too.

Worst — Coca-Cola

This one gets knocked for being recycled from Super Bowl XLVIII. AirBnB did a new commercial with a similar message.


Most phoned-in cameo — Persil

I hope Bill Nye brings more energy to his new show than this.

Worst selection of a Lady Gaga song — National Geographic

So we’re doing a commercial about a new show about Einstein. Let’s have him play a Lady GaGa song on the violin.

Oh, you mean like, “Born This Way” ?

Goodness, no. We’re using “Bad Romance.”

So who remembers “Mrs. Munger’s Class” ? — Honda

Best throwback — Bud Light

Least political political ad — It’s A 10

Best parody — T-Mobile

Redemption for this advertiser comes with a shot at Fifty Shades Darker.

Best real-life idea — Hyundai

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