Fantasy Soundtrack: Castlevania (sword) II

Geoff and I wanted to double-down on our Fantasy Soundtrack for the post-Super Metroid Castlevania games just as we did the classic-style ones.

I can’t help but wonder if we stretched it a little too far this time, though. I had a real tough time with a couple selections simply due to poor planning… but you’ll see for yourself once you get to the Dracula fight tracks.

But don’t think for a second that there’s anything but a lot of great music here!


Cross of the Blue Moon, Dawn of Sorrow

I have to make good on what I said last time about “Pitch Black Intrusion”.

File Select

Name Entry, Aria of Sorrow

Those weak GBA speakers really make it hard to pick pieces from its trilogy of games. You won’t find many more of these here…


A Fleeting Respite, Dawn of Sorrow

Just because most of the SotN and Portrait of Ruin songs are already spoken for doesn’t mean I’ll fill this list with Dawn of Sorrow. It just looks bad right now.

Eight stages

Why eight? I don’t know… because Mega Man?

Begining, Dawn of Sorrow

We all have to start somewhere. This is my favorite version of the Castlevania III classic.

Bloody Tears, Symphony of the Night (Saturn)

It’s still one of my favorite pieces of music of all time, so I’m giving it a pick for the Sword castlevanias, too. This particularly awesome version was exclusive to the Saturn port.

Basement Melody, Dawn of Sorrow

My guilt over leaving out Haunted Castle continues with this remix.

Silent Prison, Portrait of Ruin

I can’t put my finger on why, but this melody really stands out from its contemporaries.

Sinking Old Sanctuary, Circle of the Moon

I wanted to give CotM a pity entry, but this piece surprisingly suffers very little from the GBA’s poor sound, standing up well against its original incarnation on the Genesis.

Wandering Ghosts, Symphony of the Night

Hands-down the best groove on the soundtrack.

Crucifix Held Close, Portrait of Ruin

DoS isn’t the only game that can do a good remix.

The Colossus, Order of Ecclesia

This is some nice “I’m coming for you” music for the final trek to Dracula.

Two boss fights

Evil Intention, Dawn of Sorrow

Okay, so it HAS been a lot of Dawn pieces.

Destroyer, Portrait of Ruin

Game Over

Game Over, Dawn of Sorrow

Is this game over for my over reliance on Dawn tracks?


Master Librarian, Symphony of the Night

Presented without further comment.

Three cutscenes

Metamorphosis 2, Symphony of the Night

Of the three “Metamorphosis” pieces in the soundtrack, this is easily the best mood-setter.

Meeting of Destiny, Portrait of Ruin

Castlevania can do sad, as it by rights ought to.

Theme of Mina, Aria of Sorrow

Two Dracula fights

Black Banquet, Symphony of the Night

Behold my true form, and despair!

Old Enemy, Harmony of Dissonance

But seriously folks, I’m really painted into a corner now with the Dracula fight music. I should have made my second set of picks on these before Geoff did.


The Night Flows, Portrait of Ruin

Picking up more-or-less when my selection from last time left off.


Finale ~Momentary Moonlight~, Dawn of Sorrow

Okay, it wasn’t game over, but at least this is the finale.


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