Fighting Games Friday: The Arc of Golbez’s Injustice

The last Fighting Games Friday posts I made focused on one title that received big news recently, but I’m doing something different this time. There wasn’t a single big topic to discuss this week so, I’m highlighting three comparatively miniature news events that happened this week. I think you’ll like it.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is due for a release on PlayStation 4 in January, but the arcade edition that arrived nearly two years ago is still receiving characters. The game launched with nothing but heroes available as playable characters, which is why subsequent character releases have mostly consisted of villains, and they’re still releasing some who were part of the previous PSP titles. The newest one here is Final Fantasy IV “villain” Golbez.

Golbez inherits his style and most techniques from previous titles, and remains a character focused on powerful long-ranged attacks with select close-ranged options to knock the opponent away. He’s can also utilize several projectiles simultaneously to play mind games with the opponent or trap them, as the opponent can either stumble or be knocked into some attacks. In a significant change from his prior appearances, the Shadow Dragon will always fight alongside Golbez instead of joining him only in EX mode. The dragon has his own attacks, which will make getting close to Golbez even more difficult.

Golbez will be added to the arcade version of Dissidia later this month, and he’ll be among the initial cast in NT for PS4 when it releases. Coming alongside him in the arcade update will be the Stellar Fulcrum stage from Final Fantasy XI. A stream to commemorate the arcade version’s second anniversary will be held on November 26th, where a large update will be announced with news about the PS4 version. Don’t be surprised if you see a post about that here.

Nearly every fighting game developer and publisher announces and releases their titles for PC alongside the console versions these days. It’s even become customary among small Japanese outfits, as after previous iterations received delayed releases, Arc System Works Guilty Gear Xrd Rev. 2 arrived on PC alongside the console versions in May. But one strange exception is NetherRealm Studios, whose ports tend to come later; it’s a strange practice for a western developer, as they tend to be more PC-friendly. Mortal Kombat X was their last title to release on consoles and PC simultaneously, whose port was less than desirable; the complete XL edition didn’t arrive on PC until half a year after the console one last year. The length of time between ports will be the same for Injustice 2, whose PC version was announced this week.

The PC version will be handled by QLoc, ensuring that it will be a quality job. In fact, they were so confident in its quality that a beta-testing phase was held to let players see the quality of the port, and for NetherRealm to test the quality of online connections.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear this version will include the DLC characters that have been released for the console versions since May. Instead, you’ll be able to get them if you purchase the Ultimate Edition, and they’ll be unlocked after a specific amount of time along with two exclusive gear shaders for multiple characters, and premier skins with exclusive dialogue. The port will release on Tuesday, November 14th, and it should be updated to reach parity with the console versions in terms of content shortly afterward.

When Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle was announced, Arc System Works curiously revealed it without a publisher in an American venue. This became more curious when they claimed they wanted to target the western audience with this title, and not because of the franchises being used. There was a reason for that: Arc System Works has now established an American arm capable of publishing and distributing physical copies. Their previous operation was run by only two people, and distributed titles localized by Aksys Games; now, they’re serious about breaking into the western market.

Cross Tag Battle will be the first title they publish at retail, which is due for release in 2018 for PS4, Switch, and PC. From there, they should handle the localizations for all subsequent titles they bring over from Japan, but not the ones they’ve simply developed, like Dragon Ball FighterZ or — perhaps — a future Persona fighting game. Heck, maybe they’ll pick up titles from other publishers too, like other localization outfits.

It will be nice to have a new publisher around, but this also means Aksys Games will lose one of their main sources of revenue, since the Blazblue and Guilty Gear games were some of their biggest titles. Hopefully Aksys can other sources, like potentially localizing and publishing the next project from Zero Escape director and writer Kotaro Uchikoshi.

I think this little experiment turned out well, so expect more Fighting Games Friday posts like this in the near future. But I’ll continue dedicating posts to certain games when there’s big news about them, or when I have impressions to provide.

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