Looking Back on My Geek News Predictions for 2017

The end of 2017 is finally here! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to start a new year. Personally, the year hasn’t been too bad being a year of change, but in terms of news (entertainment and politics), consuming said news was like trying to drink from the preverbal firehose. It was a daunting experience, to say the least. So let’s look at how I did with my predictions:

Trump’s Presidency Plays Out Like a Reality TV Show:

I played it safe and predicted the Trump Presidency would more or less flow like a reality TV show. That we’d see multiple scandals and controversies, but there wouldn’t be a dull day in the White House. Hoo boy! I wish I wasn’t spot on. The controversies have come so fast and hard that it’s nearly impossible to keep track of them. By the time it’s possible to wrap your head around one issue, the next one is already brewing. It was a year where we got terms like “nothing burgers” and “alternative facts” to describe some of these troubling issues and outright lies by the White House staff and pro-Trump media outlets. Unfortunately, it feels like this reality show will drag on for another three years before we have a shot at changing the channel.


Viz Media Joins in on the CR/FUNi Partnership:

I predicted that Viz Media would join the Crunchyroll/FUNimation partnership with Viz handling dubs, while CR did the subs for streaming. I was wrong, as this partnership simply did not materialize. While a lot of Viz’s properties are available on CR, there’s no grand partnership, and it doesn’t seem as if such a thing is slated to happen. Instead, entirely new surprises happened. Amazon decided to get into the streaming business with Anime Strike, and Sony bought FUNimation. Also, CR surpassed a million paid subscribers and had their own anime convention.



Samsung Still Can’t Win Back Trust With the Note 8:

I lovingly gazed into my crystal ball and boldly predicted that Samsung would have difficulty winning back trust with the Note 8. I was mistaken. Users flocked the Note 8 and it reviewed well among critics. Simply put, it was one of the best smartphones on the market (albeit on the pricey side) one could buy. Fortunately for Samsung, there were no reports of batteries exploding. Unfortunately, some users are now having an entirely different battery issue. If the battery reaches 0% and the phone shuts off, some people are unable to turn the Note 8 back on, even after charging it for hours or using different cables. Thankfully, Samsung has been responsive to the problem.


The Microsoft Scorpio is Released Under $500 to Compete With The PS4 Pro:

I said that Microsoft would release the Scorpio (now the Xbox One X) for $499 to compete with PS4 Pro. At the time, some were speculating that the Xbox One X could be released at a price point as high as $599. With this prediction I was on the money. Sure, the console is $100 more than the PS4 Pro, but it is also more powerful and is the most powerful console ever released (until the next generation of gaming comes along). A powerful console coupled with a 4K TV definitely had appeal to many gamers, as the Xbox One X sold strongly out of the gate in November, overtaking sales of the PS4 and even the Switch in some places. It has yet to be seen if Microsoft will keep up the sales momentum, especially after incredible PS4 deals for the holiday.


The Elder Scrolls VI is Announced:

I went into 2017 with wishful thinking that perhaps The Elder Scrolls VI would be announced. This prediction fell flat on its face, as not only was a new Elder Scrolls game not announced, but Skyrim received two more ports. One was Skyrim VR for the PSVR, and the other was Skyrim Special Edition for the Switch (sans the ability to create mods). While having new ways to experience the incredibly popular Skyrim is fun, via VR and portability, Elder Scrolls fans are ready for the next installment in the series.

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