Looking back on looking forward to 2017

I remember thinking that 2016 was bad solely because a bunch of celebrities died. Remember when that was enough to make everybody declare a worst year ever?

1. I will be very happy I’m not in Washington, D.C., for Inauguration Day. Somebody’s going to do something stupid, but I’ll still be snug in bed, miles and miles away.

Not only was I happy not being there, attendance was somewhat lackluster in general — but don’t tell POTUS that!

2. While the Blue Jackets and the Wild are tearing it up when they aren’t playing each other, neither team will be hoist the Stanley Cup this year.

Man, it’s much easier to predict who isn’t going to win the cup than who is. I’ll try harder for tomorrow’s, tough. Just to be fair.

3. Right, I want to have a positive outlook. How about, Wonder Woman will be the first untainted DC Cinematic Murderverse film.

It’s so un-murderversey, it prevented every war after World War I. Good job!

4. Star Trek Discovery will be renewed for a second season.

I wasn’t expecting it to flop despite some misgivings. Discovery has exceeded CBS’s lofty expectations as a massive driver of All-Access subscriptions, so it should enjoy a long, healthy life. I’ve yet to see it myself, though, as I am a cheap bastard.

5. Star Wars: Episode VIII will not be altered to kill off Princess Leia.

It gave us one heck of a tease, but Leia will get to ride off into the sunset offscreen.

6. While we’re a ways off from discovering Persephone, evidence of its existence will become stronger.

While people are working steadily on this, progress hasn’t made enough of a noticeable motion forward that I’m comfortable giving myself six wins in a row.

7. I will get a dazzling score on the GMAT and be accepted to a part-time MBA program.

A score of 690/800 wasn’t all THAT special; it was lower than the bar I set for myself. In the end, though, it didn’t matter as work kept me too busy. The very same week I took the GMAT in February, one of my coworkers quit and I’ve had to add his work to my plate ever since.

8. Damage Control will finally get around to doing a Wii retrospective not long after the Switch is released.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so hard on my streak of correct predictions in No. 6, because I’ve got a good losing streak going now.

9. USB 3.1 Type-C will finally catch on. Please? I’ve had a bad year, let me have this.

It’s mostly still a way for Apple to screw up its product design and a connector for (oddly) non-Apple smartphones. Things are better, but it’s still not at ubiquitous yet.

10. Despite ostensibly being based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (just like 3), Marvel vs. Capcom 4 will include characters from the X-Men (just like 3).

While Black Panther name-drops Storm, there’s otherwise no trace of any hero or villain whose film rights are owned by Fox (the sale is still pending oversight, so yes, they’re still owned by Fox today). While there might be added later, 2017 is the only year that counts for the prediction.

11. Otakon will set an attendance record in its first year in Washington, D.C. I might not be snug in bed, miles and miles away this time.

I close out the list with a big miss; not only did attendance fail to break the record, it wasn’t even in the Top 5.

Looks like an off-year for me. Or a success rate no better than random chance?

Record this year: 5-6 (.454)

Record overall: 29-26-5 (.525)

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