Results for the Geeky, Semi-Gutsy Predictions for 2017

Today is the day where we see how well we did with last year’s predictions! Before I look at them, I going to predict I did pretty damn bad, so I’m only partially looking forward to this.

In somewhat of a surprise, Valve will announce a new game that will be the third title in a series. No, it won’t be Half-Life 3 or Half-Life 2: Episode 3, but Left 4 Dead 3. It will also be a free-to-play title, and have microtransactions like the currently-supported DOTA 2. Some fans of the company will be vocally disappointed, but it will be a huge success.

Nope. All they announced this year was a DOTA card game called “Artifact,” which emitted a hilarious reaction when it happened.

Virtual Reality didn’t have much of a chance to gain a foothold in the market in 2016, thanks to the expensive hardware and the lack of compelling software. In 2017, not only will this continue, but the market will begin to fade as not enough people purchase the devices.

This is somewhat right, since the market still hasn’t gained a serious foothold. But the three main devices (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR) are still receiving support through several exclusive games and software with bonus support. The market could expand as prices continue to drop, but it will need some big titles to become a serious force.

“What, you thought it would be out THIS year? Really!?”

Final Fantasy VII: Remake will resurface early this year, and the first episode will release worldwide this fall to positive impressions. Fans, however, will wish the game had a little more content, though its length will be substantial enough to justify the price.

See? I tried to be optimistic here, and look what happened. The game had a significant development shift this year, as its production was moved from CyberConnect2 to an internal team at Square Enix. Aside from that, all we received was new concept art at the beginning of the year. The way this is going, it’s unlikely that we’ll even see this next year, especially when the company will be focused on Kingdom Hearts III.

Nintendo Switch will sell better than Wii U out of the gate, but not on par with PlayStation 4 or especially Wii. As far as handheld comparisons go, it will do just as well as the 3DS in western territories, but not as well as it did in Japan. Meanwhile, its early software won’t be encouraging, but the hits will start arriving later in the year.

Merely saying Switch is selling better than Wii U over the same period of time is an understatement. If its sales keep up, it will pass Wii U’s total sales worldwide at the end of its first year. It’s actually selling nearly on par with PS4 at this point too, and could have been on par if it wasn’t for the constant shortages — which they’re sorting out. It’s also received a good amount of software from Nintendo themselves, though third-party publishers are still getting it together. I’ll give myself a third of a point here.

Sonic Mania and the new Sonic game will release this year, and after both games prove to be worthwhile, people will start taking the franchise seriously again. The curse that’s been on Sonic for around a decade will finally be lifted.

Eh, not quite. Sonic Mania received a great reception, but Sonic Forces was regarded as mediocre by most who played it. A successful new game made in the classic mold won’t inspire hope for future AAA or even B-tier Sonic installments, but there are plenty who wouldn’t mind if the franchise simply continued with new installments in the mold of the 16-bit games. That wouldn’t be good for Sega’s aspirations, though.

The Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing mobile games will be precisely the kind of free-to-play titles Nintendo’s investors wanted. Both will be huge hits, but many among the gaming audience won’t like this investment, and fear that it will lead to many more f2p games from the company after they post big profits from them.

Yup, this is bang-on. Both games are serious cash vacuums for players who seriously invest in them, but they’re immensely profitable for Nintendo. Expect more where these came from, but there’s no need to worry for those who don’t like them, as Nintendo is still more focused on supporting core-aimed titles of varying budgets.

We’re already seeing less and less AAA games as time goes on, thanks to each title requiring larger time and financial investments from developers, and studios closing. Next year, the number of AAA games announced will be noticeably lower, to a point where many among the gaming audience will notice signs of trouble.

There are definitely less AAA games being announced compared to the last console generation, but the amount announced this year was similar to last year, so this one’s mostly a bust. There are hints of incoming problems for single-player games, but they’ll be fine for the time being.

Celebrate the demise of the Zelda Cycle? Until it comes back.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will end the so-called “Zelda Cycle.” Don’t expect many to suddenly find fondness for Skyward Sword (they were already fond of A Link Between Worlds, though handheld games don’t usually count here) after potentially finding BotW disappointing. Those who are disappointed will leave it at that, but plenty of others will enjoy it and play it for months on end.

This is… absolutely right. It doesn’t mean the dreaded cycle won’t rear its ugly head again in the future, though.

Crowdfunding will receive a slight rebound, thanks to indie developers that released critically acclaimed games approaching the service again to get new titles funded. Some successful indie developers who previously never used the service will utilize it for the first time, to much success.

This is… absolutely wrong. The most successful developers on the service were those who previously delivered acclaimed crowdfunding games, while everyone else is struggling. In terms of video games, the future looks even grimmer than it did this time last year.

Star Wars Episode VIII will be regarded as the new The Empire Strikes Back in terms of praise, but those who thought The Force Awakens lacked originality won’t like it as much. Meanwhile, fans still won’t warm up to the idea of a Han Solo origin story, despite seeing previews that look encouraging.

Not the case for Episode VIII (The Last Jedi), as it appears Lucasfilm took the criticism given to The Force Awakens seriously, and created a film that challenged several established Star Wars conventions. On the other hand, quite a few who liked The Force Awakens didn’t like this one. Of course, there are some in between those, because humans aren’t that simple. This is absolutely the case for Solo: A Star Wars Story, despite a switch in directors.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will not release this year. No offense to anyone who’s been looking forward to it for years on end, but I hope you’re the patient type.

Yup, though this one was easy to call. I am surprised at how little of it we’ve seen in the last year, though.

I did a little better than expected on the predictions, but that’s only because I didn’t expect to get anything right. Next year’s predictions will be posted tomorrow, and I may not get as crazy with them. Note how that’s not a prediction, because I’m not promising to stick to that intention.

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