Final Fantasy XV Gets Royal and Personal

It’s customary for games to receive post-release updates regarding bug and glitch fixes and Downloadable Content on all platforms these days, especially among the AAA world. But Final Fantasy XV has taken this to unseen levels. The team has devoted plenty of effort towards adding free and paid content, and has provided fixes to sections that were less enjoyable than others well after the game’s November 2016 release. Among the additions were options to drive the game’s car off the road and switch between characters, along with a fix for Chapter 13, criticized for its frustratingly low pace — though experiencing it with the updates requires venturing through the original first.

That’s not even getting to the paid content, which involved episodes dedicated to Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis, the party members who accompanied Noctis to form the “bishounen” gang. The “Comrades” expansion was also added in November, a multiplayer mode where players team up to complete quests and defeat enemies using several fighting styles from the main game. It’s received enough content that it’s time for Square Enix to release some kind of “Complete Edition” with all this content, and that’s precisely what they’re doing.

Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition is on its way to PS4 and XB1. it will include the original game with over 20 pieces of DLC and add-ons, including weapons, car skins, and item sets in addition to the Season Pass content mentioned above. But the surprising twist here is how it will have new content on top of that.

It will come with an extended map of the Crown City of Insomnia, where the team will be able to explore the Insomnia City Ruins. There will be several side quests set around the area, which will include new enemies like Cerberus and Omega, and players will have the option to fight the Rulers of Yore. It will also include the Royal Vessel boat, which will give players the chance to explore the area between Cape Caem and Altissa in the game’s world. The guys will have the option to fish while on the vessel, and create new dishes — and perhaps new recipes.

Additionally, players will be able to search for and obtain royal arms to summon Armiger, which will allow for the characters to unleash powerful attacks, including “Armiger Unleashed.” There will also be a quest added to strengthen the Regalia Type-D. All of this sounds like enough content to qualify as an expansion.

That’s not all: It will also include a first-person mode, where players can venture through the game from Noctis’ point of view. This sounds gimmicky, but hopefully they do something unique with it, though it doesn’t appear to be VR-compatible. Lastly, new stories will be added to the Cosmogony, the archive of legends about the game’s world. The Royal Edition will come with a cover featuring new art from longtime Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano. Given all the new content this will come with, including the $25 Season Pass materials, it should be worth the $50 price they’re asking. They also made sure not to leave out existing owners, who can get the added content for $20.

Releasing along with the Royal Edition will be Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, the aptly-named PC version with all the same content. Since we now live in a landscape with several PC video game storefronts, Square Enix has a preorder bonus for each of them. Preordering at Steam, Origin, or the Windows Store will get players a selection of stylish outfits, decals for the Regalia, or items that will power-up the player’s performance in battle, respectively. Make sure you have a lot of hard drive space and don’t have a price-gouging download cap if want to play in 4K, since it will require a hefty 155GB download.

Interestingly, this Royal Edition is coming now despite the development team, through director Hajime Tabata, announcing more content late last year. Tabata teased three more DLC Episodes for throughout this year, including one focused on Ardyn, and maybe one on Luna. Unless they want fans to riot, they should consider making one for Aranea if they aren’t already. They could also have more fixes for flaws the original game had, like the aspects of the story that weren’t entirely understandable without watching CG movie Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. Whether these additions are still coming is anyone’s guess, but this means the “Royal Edition” is hardly a “Complete Edition.”

Aranea pic courtesy of an, uh… helpful user from GameFAQs.

In addition to the above, minor content is coming through an update on January 21st — yes, a Sunday. Speaking of Aranea, she’ll be added as a training partner while the team is at camp. It will also add a conclusion to the Assassin’s Festival, the tie-in quest with the Assassin’s Creed series. Additionally, a standby option at camp will be implemented, along with new items at Alessio’s trading post in Altissa, new drills in the tutorial, and various bug fixes. It’s not a big update, but that’s why it’s free.

Despite the special editions that will release on March 6, there’s no way to tell when Square Enix will truly be done with Final Fantasy XV. Perhaps that won’t be until Final Fantasy XVI is revealed, but given how booked the company is with other projects like the FFXV team’s new IP and the Final Fantasy XIII team working on Final Fantasy VII Remake, there’s no way to tell when that will happen either. Hell of a company and franchise, huh?

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