Geeky Geek-Related Predictions for 2018

Guess what will be mentioned here

Now that 2017 is over, it’s time to make several predictions for 2018 that will absolutely turn out right. Since I got several of mine from last year wrong, I’m playing it a little safer this year; note the emphasis on “little,” because it wouldn’t be fun to keep the predictions too… predictable.

1. There’s been a lot of talk about how dire the state of single-player games could be in the future, but they’ll be fine for the time being. The first signs of trouble won’t manifest this year, and will be years off.

2. It’s been a long wait for Kingdom Hearts III, a title the franchise’s longtime fans have wanted since Kingdom Hearts II released in 2005/2006. Square Enix finally confirmed in 2017 that the game will release in fall 2018, and they’re serious: It will make this date.

3. Governments in some countries and states within the United States will begin taking action to curtail the expansion of loot boxes in video games. Of course, the actual US government will do nothing thanks to their anti-regulation attitude. This will set some of the greedier publishers back, though they’ll still rely on microtransactions.

4. One of the most surprising announcements last year was Capcom with Mega Man 11, which will be the first game in over eight years when it releases. This will mark the beginning of a new era for the franchise thanks to good critical reception and sales, and will give Mega Man a bright future.

5. The Nintendo Switch’s software support from Nintendo themselves has been great, but third-party support has been lagging behind. This will change starting this year, as key announcements will be made from Japanese and western developers to ensure that the system will have a healthy software ecosystem in the future.

6. Bloodborne II will be announced by From Software and Sony for PlayStation 4, to continue the partnership between the two companies. As a bonus: This won’t be the game teased at The Game Awards a few weeks ago, which will a Tenchu reboot.

7. Bethesda’s biggest game announcement of the year won’t be another RPG, but Doom II. Sorry to anyone who wants a new Fallout of Elder Scrolls game, but those take a long time to make, and announcing and releasing Fallout 4 in a quick fashion worked out well for them.

8. It’s been over two years since Hideo Kojima left Konami and formed a partnership with Sony, and both subsequently announced Death Stranding; but we still haven’t seen the game in motion. That will change in 2018, as we’ll get our first sneak peek. But no release date or timeframe will be provided.

9. There’s a lot of pessimism for Solo: A Star Wars Story, thanks to the questionable necessity of a Han Solo origin movie and the director switch indicating a possibly troubled production. But the movie will be better than anyone expects it to be, and will review well.

10. Studio Khara will reconfirm Evangelion 3.0+1.0 through a teaser video, but won’t give a release date or timeframe. It will still be a while before this arrives.

I didn’t predict that these predictions would turn out gutsier than I expected, but that’s fine. I’m sure every single one will be accurate, so I can’t wait to get all ten of them right at the end of the year. Try to make your 2018 a good one in a personal sense, even though the same people who made 2017 wretched in the world will still be here to make 2018 equally as miserable at best.

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