A Switch to the Separate American Splatoon 2 Joy-Cons

Shortly before the release of Splatoon 2 last year, Nintendo announced several accompanying themed peripherals and accessories, hardly a surprise after the first game’s overwhelming success. Among them, they confirmed it would receive its own console bundle with a digital copy of the game, which included a Joy-Con set also sold separately. It also received a Pro Controller which contained the Neon Pink and Neon Green colors associated with the franchise, similar to the aforementioned Joy-Con set. But at the time, one territory was left out from receiving all the goods. We’re discussing Nintendo-involved products, so you probably already guessed that it was North America.

For some odd reason, Nintendo of America decided not to release the Joy-Cons separately here. Instead, they heavily promoted other Joy-Cons that were worldwide releases. The only they could be purchased domestically was through the bundle, which wasn’t acceptable for most who already owned a Switch, or wanted a system and a physical copy of Splatoon 2. They also didn’t want to import them, which can be more expensive.

Fortunately, NoA didn’t entirely forget about this, as they finally confirmed that the Joy-Cons will arrive in America by the end of the month. Of course, there was no explanation provided regarding why it took them so long, something a writer will have to ask an executive if they corner them at an upcoming event.

Take a careful look at the Joy-Cons, though, as there’s something noticeably different about the set America will receive: The colors are reversed. The Japanese and European releases featured a Neon Green Left Joy-Con and a Neon Pink right Joy-Con, and the same set was included with the Walmart-exclusive bundle. It appears to be an arbitrary decision at first, but it’s an important, well, switch for two reasons.

For one, they actually match the colors of Squid Sisters pop duo Callie and Marie, who wear pink and green colors, respectively. It’s clear they had the more fastidious types in mind, as they undoubtedly saw the plethora of comments on their social media accounts who voiced their displeasure with this when the were first shown last year. But this also means Switch owners will be able to own two Neon Green or Neon Pink Joy-Cons, for those who like uniformity. That plan will have a steep cost attached to it, especially those who import the Japanese or European iterations from stores like Play-Asia.

Given the popularity of these, they’ll have several more themed Joy-Cons coming with bundles and separately in the near future, unless they hate money. There are plenty who won’t be able to resist, say, Bayonetta-themed Joy-Cons, and I’m not just talking about me.

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