The ads of Super Bowl LII

This should be old hat now that the review is in its fourth year. I added a category for food ads because I don’t know why I never did before.

Funny Ads

Best — Tourism Australia

Timing is king in this ad. It lingers long enough to make you worried it’s a real movie before pulling back the curtain and going full funny with an impeccable split-second performance from Paul Hogan.

Worst — Duracell

It’s not hard to make a Bill Belichick joke, but Duracell really makes it look hard.

Car Ads

Best — Jeep

So nominated because it’s the first car ad in Super Bowl history actually about the car. It’s somewhat cheapened though by the fact Jeep also ran a “manifesto” ad.

Worst — Ram

It’s not just the worst car ad, it’s also the most cynical and presumptuous ad of the entire Super Bowl.

Football-themed ads

Best — NFL

Fast fact: Including this year, the New England Patriots have only lost three Super Bowls. In each of those games, Eli Manning appeared.

Worst — Sun Basket

I had to watch it, so you have to watch it.

Movie Ads

Best — A Quiet Place

Paramount served up two trailers for this movie; a traditional one and the above trailer with director commentary. This movie gets the nod for best because I was honestly surprised how much better the director’s setup made this look.

Worst — Avengers — Infinity War

Thirty seconds isn’t anywhere near enough air for this one.

Food Ads

Best — Michelob Ultra

So nominated by the fridge brilliance when you see Chris Pratt chewing scenery in the background.

Worst — Kid Cuisine

Worth every penny?

Serious/Sentimental ads

Best — Budweiser

They turn on the tap instead of the sap with a humblebrag about pitching in during disasters. Beer makers and water donations was an odd theme in this year’s ads.

Worst — T-Mobile

Let’s just throw some babies in there and call it a day.


Best campaign — Tide

After the first few of these, each new ad had me guessing whether it was going to cop-out to a Tide commercial. This makes it perhaps the single most effective Super Bowl ads ever for making me think everyone’s ads are in on it.

Best reminder that a Black Widow movie shouldn’t be taking this long — Red Sparrow

Ad that made me feel the most stupid — Pringles

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