Damage Control began its geeky inception in June of 2008. This blog covers a variety of topics including but not limited to, anime, manga, video games, music, technology, and news. If it’s interesting to us then we’ll blog about it. For example, we could write a feature about the Final Fantasy series, speculate Nobuhiro Watsuki’s newest manga series, or discuss the significance of the 2008 US presidential campaign. The last example is a bit exteme but anything is possible when five anime loving, video game playing, geeky diehards get together and toss their ideas into a mental blender.

And just who are the geeks behind Damage Control? We are a small group of young journalists and enthusiastic writers. Unlike a lot of other blogs out there we strive to write about more than than just our opinions. When we cover a subject we back up what we say with facts, research, and standards, also known as reporting. Geeks or not, we’re still journalists after all.
Why the name Damage Control? The name originally came from a fictional magazine cover designed by Angela Moseley for one of her publication classes in college. The concept of that magazine was to poke fun at geek culture in a light-hearted manner from a fellow geek. When Moseley conceived the idea of this blog it was originally going to focus on Philadelphia based tech coverage. It was even given the yawn-inducing name, “Philly Tech Culture”. Fortunately, the name and the idea were both scrapped in favor of something more creative.

We also have nothing to do with, nor were we inspired by Marvel’s Damage Control comics. We found out about the existence of the series well after starting this blog.