Damage Control is now accepting writers for feature articles, reviews, and multimedia submissions. DC is an ideal place for writers to obtain a byline, hone skills, and express opinions as it relates to video game, anime, manga, movie, TV and music culture. Please read the guidelines below before submitting your request to write for us.

Before joining the staff you must first provide examples of your best writing. We consider blog entries, LiveJournal entries, school newspaper articles, published works (online or offline) as solid writing examples. Nevertheless, a lack of a byline does not automatically disqualify you from writing for Damage Control. A thoughtful, well-written e-mail can be just as persuasive as having a bevy of writing samples. If you can string together several well-written paragraphs on a subject of interest to you, then writing for this blog should not be a problem.

Every writer is given a WordPress account and publishes his or her work on the blog. Due to this style of publishing you must be able to edit your own work. Sticking to a schedule or deadline is a must. You are not required to submit an article every week but you must submit at least one article per month.

A basic knowledge of HTML is absolutely required. Even though WordPress features a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor there will be times when you’ll need to use HTML directly. If you can’t create a hyperlink or perform basic text formatting then contributing to this blog may not be for you.

You must also have some rudimentary knowledge of image formatting for the web. Knowing the difference between a .jpg, .png or .gif extension is crucial. Additionally, you should know how to use Adobe Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, or even the GIMP to format and save optimized images for the web.

Knowledge of blogging software is preferred (Blogger and LiveJournal are fine), as Damage Control is powered by WordPress. Any knowledge of WordPress is definitely a bonus. Still, any lack of blogging software knowledge will not be held against you, as we have created a comprehensive tutorial on how to use WordPress.

You may contribute previously published articles to Damage Control. We would prefer if a previously published article was reworked to include content unique to DC. Examples of reworked content can include editing the length of an article, or even adding images with captions as we are a multimedia blog. However, plagiarism is, and never will be tolerated on this blog. If the work is not yours do not submit it to our blog claiming it as your own. Passing the work of others off as your own will result in your termination from the blog. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

Unfortunately, you won’t be paid for your work. None of the writers are paid for their work, as this blog does not generate revenue and is operated as an out of pocket expense. If you’re interested in paid work we suggest you look elsewhere for a freelancing gig.

If you would still like to work for DC shoot off an e-mail to Angela with “Writing for Damage Control” in the subject line.