Everything you could ever want to know about the twisted minds behind Damage Control. Well, almost everything.

Angela Moseley’s addiction to video games and cartoons started when she was young and highly impressionable. She laid eyes on her first Nintendo Entertainment System at the tender age of five while at her babysitter’s house. It took her two years of begging her mother to finally obtain an NES of her own. She was so excited to play Mario Bros. that she took the console out of its box and hooked it up to the TV herself. Three years later at ten years old she received a Sega Genesis for her birthday. From then on Angela would become a full-fledged electronics geek, getting her hands on whatever she or her mother could afford for her.

Angela never really passed the phase of loving cartoons and comics books, so her progression into an anime and manga addict was a natural one. When Angela gained access to the internet in 1998, she set out to create a website based on her all time favorite animated movie, Balto. The site has been in existence for almost ten years in various forms, and now lives on its own domain, www.theicecave.org. Using that extra domain space, she recruited her good friend from college, Geoff and created Damage Control. DC is a geeky mixture of Angela’s desire to write about topics that interest her while independently embracing new technology and multimedia as a journalist.

Professionally Angela is a recent graduate of Temple University 2008 class with a BA in journalism. Her concentration is magazine writing, primarily long form essays but she is flexible enough to adapt to any writing style, especially if the price is right. Although writing is her first love Angela also enjoys working on the web with new media. When she’s not working, she can be found at home avoiding work while immersing herself in her many geeky addictions.


Geoffrey Barnes grew up in Southwest Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, and was born to his mother and father in the middle of 1983, though he doesn’t think his birth had anything to do with the video game industry crash of that year. He was born to a father who loved playing his Atari 2600 and adored movies revered in geek culture. From this, you could say it was destined that he would become a nerd when he grew up.

He got his start in gaming with that Atari 2600, and then migrated over to the Nintendo Entertainment System, which he received for Christmas in 1990. He played games of multiple genres on the system, and then went over to the Super Nintendo in 1992, where he would expose himself to more types of games. His favorite games when he was young were Super Mario Bros. 3 and Street Fighter II Turbo.

Education wise, he graduated from Roman Catholic High School with a diploma in 2001. He then went to Community College of Philadelphia and acquired an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts in 2005. He culminated his educational duties at Temple University, where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism.

These days, he comforts himself with a variety of console games on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 2 and portable titles on the PSP and DS. His favorite genres are RPGs, Action/Adventure, Platformers, First-Person Shooters, and Fighting games. He also enjoys the occasional anime and manga.