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After spending some time at a Balto Live Journal community, and comparing them with others (IE TLK, Wolf's Rain, Pokémon) I noticed a lack of Balto user icons. Sure there were the ones that indiviuals made, but nothing for the public. So after meeting with pleasing results after posting some icons I made in both my own Live Journal and in the community, I decided to post the icons here. Using them is pretty simple.

-First you will not offer these to download on your own site.
-Second, they may be used for any type of journal or blogging service. IE Live Journal, Dead Journal, Greatest Journal, U-Journal, ect.
-If you use them for Live Journal be sure to credit silver_huskey in the keywords. For anywhere else credit "silver_huskey" in the keywords, and provide a link and credit to my site somewhere in your profile.
-If you want to use them on a forum, do not directly link to my images, it steals expensive bandwidth. Upload the images to your own server, and link back to The Ice Cave in your signature.

Balto Icons (more will be added as I create them):

Bonus Icons:
(From Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, Wolf's Rain, and Pokémon 4Ever)

"Do you think Steele will notice?"-Dixie