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While still semi-coherrant in late night/early morning chats I've managed to make a small list of odd things said... Enjoy! :) ~Silver Huskey

"Ow! I hit my head on something hard..." *Looks at the shovel in her paws* "Oh yeah..." -White Wolf

"I'm gonna sing the DOOM song now! Doom doom doom doom doom doom doom DOOM doom DOOM... doom doom doom doooom..." -White wolf

"Lets talk about Balto, not cheese!" -Snow Wolf

"I though you wanted to talk about Balto, not cheese..."- Silver Huskey

"Neat.....I always did like tacky, cheap things." -ds9wolfie (Kimbo Demonica)

"Trash is watching TV, Silver and White are racing, I'm standing around and looking handsome, and you're laying around getting sober." -CW Tyger

"I'm not a tree!" -Silver Huskey

"I love you, orange juice! Finer than any wine..! Fairer than any woman..." -Josh

*trots up to CW* "Daddy when you teach me, to be a man?" -Ravid Wolf

"CW really felt like a woman tonight, didn't he?" -White Wolf

"We're breaking new ground in this Chat! John's being fur, and I was a female." -CW Tyger

"Oh yeah, she turned into a guy and broke my wings..." -Silver Huskey

"Darn these double meanings? Why is the British verison always yiffy?"- Silver Huskey

"Which reminds me, I don't eat bananas because I had a dream where a picture from a book I had out of the library attacked me." -CW Tyger

"cuz I had a dream I was eating potato chips and someone covered the chips in french dressing, and then the chips started to converse with me in bad accented french." -Ds9wolfie (Kimbo Demonica)

"*in high, sing-song voice* godspeed and mush little husky, I don't wanna miss tonights episode of Star gate!" -ds9Wolfie (Kimbo Demonica)

"He asked for the fourth time in two days, 'Do you have a boyfriend?' ...and I said finally, 'Yeah, kinda. She's tall, dark and handsome. ^.^'" -Zekiwolf


"I need RL food silly, I can't think on empty stomach, and this moldy pie isnt doing it." -Silver Huskey

*watches john make sandwiches at record speed... "you might wanna slow down.. the fastest sandwich maker isn;t the one who is remembered...its the one who makes the BEST sandwich" -Vesta Wolf

"I'd feel all parents would wonder why I was eating pb&j and blushing like a maniac." -zekiwolf

"This room will never receive a G rating again . . ." -CW Tyger

"and yet so far, there has been no nudity...>_>... <_< I SHALL REMEDY THIS!" -Zekiwolf

"Okay, this is one of the weirdest chats I've been to, and it's only been a half hour since I've logged on." -CW Tyger

"I'd raise my eyebrow, but AC shaved it off." -Silver Huskey

"Next up on ''As the Modem Runs'': Will White catch her prey? Will Kimbo really finish a 5000 piece puzzle? Stay tuned..." -Snow Wolf

"But then again, this is England, the weather changes faster than a scared person's underwear." -John Pullinger

"I like to think my desktop coming alive is some higher power's way of saying..'Zeki...get your ass in bed.'" -zekiwolf

"I'm a demon." *grins* -Silver Huskey

" blah.. you women are all the same... you said panty hose weren't comfy.. but men have found that you women lie about alot of things!" -Ravid Wolf

"*Looks at Silver* Don't touch me, I'm bisexual today." -White Wolf &John Pullinger (From White's computer)

"I'm glad they aren't giving the Land Before Time movies their roman numerals anymore. I'd hate to see what parents would have thought about Land Before Time XXX." -CW Tyger

"I wanna know who you are....cuz its too early in the afternoon to think." -DS9Wolfie (Kimbo Demonica)

"You're calling me a sexy banana?" -White Wolf

"He's MY cat! I'm more in need of manly gratification than you, you rejected him!" -White Wolf

"You have no stamina Paaardooo. *Teases*" -John Pullinger

"I guess I'm a master of the one-on-one chats? Boring the hopeless, scaring the strange, and generally acting weird. *Nod*" -CW Tyger

"Oh yeah, trees. They take you from 100mph-0mph in zero seconds." Trash80Au

"This reminds me of a favorite quote of mine. 'Bleeding is Nature's way of telling you that you should seek medical attention.'" -Aglandiir

"Come on, Blue. I'll let you have some Alkeseltzer if you just eat the tiger. He slashed my hand. ;_;" -John Pullinger

"I'm like that, CW. I'll say "John, you need a shower." "Yes, I'll have a shower tonight." And then later say, "You forgot your shower, didn't you?" "Yes, I'll have a shower tomorrow night." -John Pullinger

"CW says 'Ahhhh' and that you should carelessly climb in his mouth. He likes that and if you were to be accidently digested, he would like that too. XD" -Silver Huskey

"when someone tells u that u can put ur computer in the dishwasher, dont believe them" -Acanis

Acanis: thats what we tell CW, keving, truth is Fluke ate the squirrel and we replaced it with a beanie... he hasnt noticed yet
* CW blinks. "R...Rusty?!" *Cries*

"when someone tells u that u can put ur computer in the dishwasher, dont believe them!"-Acanis