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Save the Cave!

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Your are probably wondering why I have set up an donatation page, right? Well to put it bluntly, running The Ice Cave, and it's subdomains including Pokémon Cave, and Timon's Abode ain't free. In other words this is not a free site, I pay to keep it here. Usually the cost of this site isn't much, especially compared to some other sites, so I never worried about cost.

To put a few fears to rest the server is not in trouble. I just don't have the money to buy decent hardware or software.. As of lately I've found it more and more difficult to save up the money I need. Between taxes, payment to my Union, and living expensives, my money just doens't go far...


...So that's where you, the visitor comes in. It would be a big help if you could donate something to the site, as much as you want, even if that's just a dollar. Because lets face it, using site sponsers like Dimeclicks, doesn't help a bit, and there payout rates are a joke. Every little bit you donate helps out this site in a big way.
Click Here to visit or Make a donation!

Buy Adversting Space:

Click here for For Advertising Details.

Buy Custom Made Graphics:

Do you like the graphics designed and intergrated into my layout? Would you like to have your site layout completely revamped with high quality graphics? Well no look no further, I can do it for you! And at a very, very reasonable cost as well. I use Adobe Photoshop to make all of my graphics, and I've had a bit of experience with graphic design. If you want examples of my work for other sites just click here. Rates are priced below:

-All Banners are a $ 2 dollars Each. (Banners sizes include 88x31, 200x40 and 468x60) *Prices are negotiable.*
-A full Layout revamp (IE I redo you layout with graphics) is $5 dollars.
-A full working Layout Template (includes graphics) is $20 dollars (Making a good layout is very time consuming and usually takes a few hours at a time.)

***Ready to Pay?
I only accept Pay Pal payments. If you don't already have an account Click Here to sign up.
For those of you who do have Pay Pal Accounts use silverhuskey@baltoleague.zzn.com as the Recipient's Email, select Service for the Type, and "Payment for Custom Graphics" as the Subject.

Future Goals:

Here's what I hope to acomplish, no matter how long it take. Each step is just as important as the outcome, and the first step is the most important. Please note: This isn't a list for indiviual payments, it's a list of the money i'm saving up from donations.

I currently have 15 dollars saved in hard cash.
$30- Was used to pay for the domain hosting.
$200 - Buys my computer an hardware upgrade, so I can get
the ports needed to create screen grabs, movie clip of my own.
$300 -Upgrades Hard Drive size from 4GB to at least 10GB and up.
$400 -Anything saved up beyond this is a tremendous help!

Never Fear!

Even with hard times upon me, I never though once about closing down The Ice Cave, or any of the subdomain sites. Creating and managing websites is a dream come true for me, and I would never abandon that dream. So if you don't have anything to give, just your coming and visiting my site is great! But you can still help with without donating. If you have a website, you can use one of these banners to link to this page:

Balto fans link below:
What the banner looks like:

Pokémon fans link below:
What the banner looks like:

Lion King fans link below:
What the banner looks like:

"When you are big frozen stiff statue named Balto, don't come running to me!" -Boris
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