DawLMakiNWaveS' Fanart - The Ice Cave

DawLMakiNWaveS' Fanart:

As requested by DawLMakiNWaveS@aol.com character descriptions are included. Hold your mouse over the image to see them. :)

This was my first drawing of a Balto character. I believe it came out great but the colors are a little off. Brae: He is my own character to a story I'm going to be writing. He's the main character's best friend. Bran: This is the omega wolf or Sikla in wolf tounge of the GRREAT book The Sight. I recommend all wolf and dog lovers to pick this one up! He's my second favorite character! Everyone knows who this is. Again I love the expression but the color is a little off.
He looks funny in this drawing because of the pose he was in but I love the way it came out! Morgra: She's also from the book The Sight and is the villan. She has only one ear and dabbles in the dark arts. I won't say anymore as you should read the book! Sadly enough I've miss colored him. Both of his eyes are blue and the stripe on his head should be grey. Nonetheless I still adore this drawing. ;p
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