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Looking for a place to hang out and chat about Balto or just with Balto fans? Well, not to fear, there are quite a few places on the Net to visit. While Balto may not be as big as some communities, it has been steadily growing over the past few years.

Balto Grups on Yahoo!
Please Note that I won't list all the Groups, since most are to similar to one another. However, a listing of every Balto Group can be found here.

General Discussion:

The Balto Leauge- The longest running Balto Group around.
Founder: Silver Huskey
Moderators: Snow Wolf (Spirit Snow Wolf), White Wolf, Acanis

The Balto Sanctuary- A club to generally chat about Balto, and "stuff" in general.
Founder: Sparf
Moderators: Silver Huskey, Spirit Snow Wolf

Groups RPGs:

The Aurora Borealis
- 3rd oldest Balto club, and the first Balto RPG club. Has a very active storyline which often changes to keep the club dynamic.
Founder: John Pullinger
Moderator: Sparf, ???

"I'm not watching the race, i'm running it."-Balto