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Welcome to the fanart section! If you'd like me to display your work simply e-mail it to me. If you can please try to send your work in either a jpeg, png or gif format. Try to avoid sending me items in bmp, psp, psd or other large formats. Thanks! Oh, and all work belongs to the artist, so don't use anything for your own website with out their premission, 'm okay?

Welcome to the featured art of the update section!

Another round of updates where I had a hard time deciding between two artists. This time it came down to lovely artwork from Acanis and Dujour. In the end I went with Dujour because I found his overall style to be quite striking. The facial expression was good and his style is something between the movie's and his own. That and the real media use was a nice change from the normal digital media I receive. (Not that there's anything wrong with digital mind you.)

Silver Huskey 25 images
Tala 40 images
Wulfe dawg 2 images
Shandra 1 image
Steele Wolf 5 images
Snow Wolf 11 images
Speedy Wolf 2 images
Klaus 36 images
Anubis 3 images
White Wolf 12 Images
Acanis 15 images
Night Wolf 9 Images
Aurora Fox 1 Image
Wolf Dog 4 Images
Kimbo Wolf 10 Images
Black Wolf 5 Images
Wolf Pryde 2 Images
She Wolf 2 Images
Joshua 3 images
Rush Husky 3 Images
Jenn 1 Image
Zelda Night Light 1 Image
Winter Winstar 7 Images
Unicorn Unity 1 Image
John Fitts 4 Images
Flame Wolf 1 Image
Mountain Eagle 5 Images
ThornWolf 11 Images
Silver Wolf 959 1 Image
CT Wolf 2 Images
Westie 2 Images
Glacier 1 Image
Desert Eagle 8 Images
Grey Kitty 43 Images
Anja Ludwig 52 Images
Rynaldo Fox 3 Images
Groovy Dog 2 Images
DawLMakiNWaveS 7 Images
Nava Wolf 26 Images
Magica 2 Images
Naomi King 2 Images
Spider Spirit 4 Images
Wolf Fox 2 Images
Aniu 1983 10 Images
Blue Haze 2 Images
Kei 3 Images
Zorro Artico 5 Images
Star Wolf 7 Images
Black Wolf 1987 3 Images
Doodle 2 Images
Rethia 1 Image
Blue Cougar 1 Image
Jenna Huskie 3 Images
Silver Wolf 1 Image
Stephen Tromly 1 Image
Wolviana 9 Images
Baltolover 99 6 Images
Jenna Wolf 4 Images
Vekke 1 Image
Aneiryu 1 Image
WWolf 3 Images
Shadow 2 Images
Kai Kani 1 Image
Uncle Zed 1 Image
Dujour 1 Image
Black Dog 1 Image

"A dog can't make this journey alone... But maybe a wolf can." -Boris