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Welcome to the fan fiction page! Here you can read or submit stories or poems. If you're submitting stories please do the following:
Only send your stories in a text or document format. Please no large fonts, or fancy images.
Please proof read and spell check your stories at least once. If you don't have a spell checker, use
Please format your stories, making sure to use proper paragraphs, no one wants to read through a block of text
Make sure your story makes sense

Not every story submitted will be accepted. If yours doesn't show up in the listing, chances are you didn't do one of the steps above. Almost all stories are now avalible in a html format. So reading them should be easier. Anyway, on to the fiction.


-Not One of Them (part one) -
Balto and Jenna have a daughter named Valentia who wants to be a full wolf.

-Turning Company (part one) - WolfDog Balto
Balto tries to make friends in Nome, but no one will accept him. Until the day he
meets Steele, and the two become fast friends.

-Balto's Past - Jenny Breitigan
A sad story about Balto's past, how he becomes an orphan, and how he meets Boris.

-Puppy Love- Rush Husky
One day Jenna decides she wants to have puppies, but Balto has some reservations about the idea. So Balto seeks out advice from old wolf friends of his.

-Exile- Matsi
Steele tries to get back into Nome, and uses Star to do his dirty work.

-Balto's Past- Denise Mol
Another fanfic about Balto's life as a pup and how he lost his mother.

-Hostage Situtation- Desert Eagle
When Jenna and Draco are dognapped by a large shotgun weilding man named Buck, Balto and the gang must team up with Band and Bitey to rescue them! *New* Artwork to accompany the story. Image one, and Image two.

-A Private Little War- Desert Eagle
Rouge wolves attack Band, and after then set their sights on the Dogs of Nome! Can Balto and gang stop them before the town panics?

-Star's Fight- sleazy E
Star is head over heals in love with Dixie, but is too shy to ask her out. When a bully named Orion comes to town, Star is outmuscled for Dixie's affection. Can Balto teach him to fight back?

-Aleu's Surprise- WhiteWolf Aleu12
Plagued by awful dreams of Balto's death, and a warning from Aniu, Aleu rushes back to Nome to save her father.

-Blast from the Past- Hybrid Wulfe
While running from Slash and his croonies, Kayla chooses Nome as a safe haven. Will she make it in one piece?

-Change of Heart- Inuyasha Shiroikiba Ginsensi
Long after Aleu had left Balto and Jenna, they settle down with a new litter of puppies. However, all is not well as Balto has visions of Aleu out in the wilderness.

The Wolf Heritage- Aleu
Just like her father, Kayla wants to be a sled dog. Unfortunately no one trusts Kayla, because like Balto, she's half wolf. Can she overcome her inner fears to reach her ultimate goal?

Crossing the Matrix with Balto- Aurawolf14
Not quite what the title implies. Basically a re-telling of the Matrix using the characters from Balto and Wolf Quest in script style. A VERY long (114+ pages) but suprisingly good read. If you're into the Matrix that is.

Balto III: The Island of White Wolves -EbonyPatriot
A continuation of Aleu's story after she leaves Balto for the wolf pack.

Steele -Steven Moore
After running away from Nome, Steele begins to regret his past actions.

-The Saga of Balto- by John Pullinger

-You're Ready- by Silver Huskey

"Mush, Jenna, Mush! Let's win this race!"- Rosie