Welcome to the Balto League page! For the time being this page serves as a place holder until the League can get a fully running site of it's own. Here you'll find a bit of news on the League, and some helpful info. As a side note: Please don't take any images from this page for your own site! Thanks!

Important Links:

[The Balto League | TBL E-mail Information | TBL Chat Information | Nifty Downloads | The old TBL Homepage]

Balto League E-mail:
Tired of being balto10102@hotmail.com or jenna2004@yahoo.com? Wish there was an e-mail service just for fans of Balto? Well look no futher, because there is! Sign up today at http://baltoleague.zzn.com, and get your very own customized Balto e-mail! It's easy to use, and best of all it's free! Click on the image to the right to log back in to Balto League Mail

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Click now to get an original e-mail address of your own!

Weekly mIRC Chat Info:
Looking for the TBL chatroom? Thanks to help from a few good friends (Glacier and Aglandiir), the whole room has been moved. We are no longer using the Yahoo Chat/Cheeta Chat server, but mIRC instead. To get into the League download mIRC, connect to the sorcerynet server, and go to the #thebaltoleague Channel. Alternatively the room can be accessed through a web broswer. If you can't download mIRC, then go to http://whitewolf77.tripod.com/tbl.html If you have any questions feel free to ask at the League. Additional Previews can be found here, here and here. ;)

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Nifty Downloads:

mIRC - Click to download mIRC to access the chatroom.
Color Changer* - Allows you to assign colors to various chatter's names.

*This Script was Designed by Aglandiir, only he can give premission for others to use it.

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